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Post-A-Day Week: Need to Breathe – More Time (With a side helping of Washed by the Water)

Post-A-Day Week: It’s not often over a weekend that I’ll be sent enough songs to make up a week of posts. So, this week, I’ve decided to put up a post a day, as opposed to lumping them all into one confusing mess, as I am wont to do.

If you prefer the big mass posts, then let me know; but I think this might be easier to digest. Today’s aural treat is:


Need To Breathe – More Time (With a side helping of Washed by the Water)

Need to Breathe - More Time

Need to Breathe first appeared on my radar with their 2006 release, “Daylight”. While it was certainly an enjoyable album, portions of it seemed too… well, predictable. After all, these boys played mainstream rock, and they were happy to fit the mould. With their latest release, “The Heat”, however, they seem to be stepping back from the preconceived notion of “mainstream rock” and following their own tune.

Don’t get me wrong; Need to Breathe still unabashedly fits into the mainstream rock genre. But that needn’t be an automatic death knell. It seems that songwriter-brothers, Bo and Bear Rinehart have learnt to appreciate the art of restraint more here, and their music is all the better for it.

Nowhere is this shown better than in the breakdown section of the first track below, “More Time”. It’s a great song, and undeniably catchy.

The second track, “Washed by the Water”, shows the band’s Christian roots. Unashamedly a worship song, don’t let that deter you; it’s a rollicking tune that anyone can groove to.

Listen: Need To Breathe – More Time
Listen: Need To Breathe – Washed by the Water

By Burgo

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4 replies on “Post-A-Day Week: Need to Breathe – More Time (With a side helping of Washed by the Water)”

Hey, I’ve been a fan of Needtobreathe for awhile and I like what you had to say about them. Just wondering where you got that picture of them?

Hi “h” and Maria (although I’ve already emailed Maria regarding her comment) :) :

Heh. Thanks for letting me know; that was the newest pic I had for Need To Breathe, but obviously it’s not new enough. If anyone has any that they think I should substitute this pic with, I’d be happy to update the post…

i just saw you guys in concert in amarillo in south church there where 4 bands and you guys where last but you guys rock tis is the first ttime i have heard of you guys and im glad that i went because i love your guys songs my favoret is WAHSHED BY THE WATER its about your dad you said i hope that i get to see you guys again oh and the day i saw you was saturday june, 7


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