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Yeasayer – No Need To Worry/Redcave… I was wrong.

I’ll admit it. I haven’t been a fan of Yeasayer at all. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely talent there; intelligent lyrics, great harmonies… I’m not denying that’s there. But, listening to their recorded material, it’s just always been too much for me. Those were my exact words: “Too much”.

So it was great to see that Vincent Moon, of the always impeccable La Blogotheque, had the same reaction. As he stated:

When I saw them in Brooklyn, Yeasayer puzzled me, weird outfit, gimmicks from the 80s, crazy flights, it was all too much. When I listened to the record, it was worst: I couldn’t bear the layers, synthesizers, exaggerated reverberation. That evening, I hardly regretted missing the show, despite the amazed faces of those who were leaving the venue.


However, as oft happens with La Blogotheque’s “Takeaway Shows“, seeing the band perform live and impromptu might just have changed my – and Vince’s – mind.
Take a look at the below video, of them performing “No Need To Worry” and “Redcave“. “No Need To Worry” – which only actually kicks in about 1:30 into the video – is, quite simply, sublime.

While the video’s included below, I would really suggest you click through on the link above, to read Vincent Moon’s – he’s the director of the music video – account of the night. It’s inspiring. There’s also a second video there, with a stunning performance of their track “2080“.

I’m not about to buy any of Yeasayer’s albums. At least, not just yet. But this has certainly changed my view of them.


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