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Joe Raciti – Love Love

You know, sometimes I’m not the best music blogger in the world. I let emails slip through the cracks. I let this blog take a back seat to my day time job, and to every day life. While that pretty much qualifies me for “a normal person with his priorities right”, it sometimes means my batting average as a blogger doesn’t stand up to others.

romantic-shark-attack-by-joe-raciti_4c1ysmrogccx_216w_216hBut, sometimes you get those people who still persevere. Who don’t let my slack blogging habits get in their way. And sometimes, just sometimes, I love them for it.
Joe Raciti is one of those artists. I’m not even sure how long we’ve been communicating via email. It started off when he was pitching me on something – the exact topic escapes me now – which I declined. He got back to me saying that was ok; he was just sending the pitch as part of his day job. His real passion was his own music.

And so followed a few pitches of his own. Each time, I let them slip by the side. Joe has a style of music that isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, and I suppose in the early days of this blog I might have let that hold me back slightly. Pop, showtunes, musicals… popsical, as Joe terms it. But while his style isn’t always for everyone, one thing that no one can deny is his creativity. Just take a look at this video he released last year, of his song “All Hail the Great Blue Whale”, which was created “using only instruments made out of cardboard and the human voice”.

Anyway, all of this is a precursor to letting you know that Joe has released his new album, “Romantic Shark Attack”… which, as usual, is quirky, melodic, and… above all… never boring.

The below is a track from “Romantic Shark Attack” called “Love Love”, and really showcases Joe Raciti’s pop sensibilities. Quite frankly, I think Joe’s finally ready to blast out. And I want to help him. So Joe, this one’s for you.

Listen: Joe Raciti – Love Love


What the? What’s going on around here?

Sooo… here’s the new design. What do you guys think? Any suggestions/criticisms/yo momma jokes welcome.

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Playing for Change – Change Is Gonna Come

I’ve mentioned the Playing for Change movement before on this blog. They’ve just released their latest episode, “Change Is Gonna Come”. And really, words aren’t needed to describe the power of this production. Instead, I’ll just quote directly from their site, and embed the video below. Past that, we’ll let the music speak for itself.

This performance demonstrates what happens when some of the musicians from “Stand By Me” meet and perform for the first time. This song was recorded live in New Orleans, and features Grandpa Elliot and Clarence Bekker on vocals. Thousands of people witness first hand the soul and conviction of two men who make us all believe a change is going to come.


Thinking about changing the look of Burgo’s Music Blog…

So, recently I’ve been thinking about changing up the look of things here at Burgo’s Music Blog. I’m a bit hesitant to do so for a few reasons though:

– One is, quite simply, the old adage of  “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The blog has had this current theme for probably around a year and a half, if not more, and it’s become a large part of the blog identity.

– Secondly, it is a unique theme that definitely helps it stand out amongst the numerous other music blogs out there.

– Third, it is pretty hip looking :P

However, I have to admit that, unfortunately, the theme itself is not the best when it comes to being search engine friendly. Now, most of my visitors are recurrent, direct traffic, so to be honest this blog isn’t all that reliant on search engines. But it is something I really should be thinking about, if I’m looking to expand the blog.

So, anyway, I’d like to open it up to you, the readers… what would you think about me changing the theme on your friendly neighbourhood music blog? Voice your opinion in the poll below!

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