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The National – Terrible Love (Alternate Version)

Proving yet again that the Berninger brothers are far more talented than any human beings should realistically be, The National have just released the video for “Terrible Love (Alternate Version)”, both filmed and directed by Tom Berninger, brother to the enigmatic frontman Matt. (thanks Shelagh P for the correction in the original post)

Shot both onstage and backstage at various live shows over the last year, the video offers an intimate look at the band… and does a pretty good job capturing not only the band’s intensity, but also the pure emotion they inspire.

‘Terrible Love’ is released as a violet-coloured 7″ and download single on Monday 22nd November, along with the expanded edition of High Violet.

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Matthew and the Atlas – I Will Remain

There comes a time in every man’s life where he needs to truly admit that he’s reached that particular age when the banjo is undeniably, incontrovertibly his most favourite instrument. And, if any band could convince you of that moment, it could be Matthew and the Atlas.

Matthew and the Atlas – otherwise known as Matthew Hegarty, Lindsay West, Dave Millar, Thomas Field and Harrison Cargill – are yet another product of jams at the Notting Hill Arts Club, putting them in the same company as Laura Marling, Noah and The Whale, and Mumford & Sons. In other words, if you judge someone by the company they keep, Matthew and the Atlas are damn well positioned for a wider breakthrough.

Hegarty has that kind of Ray Lamontagne/Glen Hansard/Nick Drake voice that just immediately sucks you in and unfolds a story in your head far bigger than your skull should be able to hold. And the band just plays so… organically, it’s like music that you’ve been waiting to hear.

The below track (like the above video) comes from Matthew And The Atlas’ “To The North EP”, and it’s one of my favourite tunes of 2010. “I Will Remain” has a wistful quality that is more genuine than anything I’ve heard in quite some time. It’s the type of song that was made for whiskey and faded jeans.

Listen: Matthew and the Atlas – I Will Remain

Matthew and the Atlas’ new EP, “Kingdom of Your Own”, is out on November 1, and can be pre-ordered here. And, if you simply can’t wait, you can download another track of theirs, “Deadwood”, for free here (well, for the price of your email address).

2010 releases

The New Twitter Video Song – Freelance Whales

You know, ever since the new twitter was released, a lot of people have been asking me if I’ve heard “that awesome new Twitter video tune… do you know who it is?”.

Well, yes. Yes, I do, actually. And actually, it’s reached the point where I’ve been asked so many times now, that I thought I would throw up this post. So if you reached this page looking for the answer, here it is:

The music used in the New Twitter video is a tune from kickass Queens, New York band: Freelance Whales.

(geddit? why twitter picked them? go on… freelance whales? twitter? fail whale? well, I found it a good choice anyway).

Freelance Whales are like some tightwire mixture of Death Cab/Postal Service/Sufjan, while somehow managing to not slip into the “Owl City” perils. And really, while I’m yet to see them reach the heights of “Hannah” or “Generator” again, you should try and get into them, ok?

The song in the Twitter vid is Freelance Whales’ track, “Generator ^ First Floor”, which can be found on their “Weathervanes” release, which actually came out earlier this year, via the Frenchkiss label.

I’ve embedded their “Weathervanes” widget below. Happy listening, you twitter lovers.

2010 releases artists to watch for in 2011

The Mariner’s Children – It Carved Your Name Into The Ground

The Mariner’s Children are one of those happy finds that you just manage to stumble across, you know? I was trying out the Facebook page browse function (warning: time waster!) and came across a page with an interesting name: The Mariner’s Children.

After clicking through, there was a video posted to the wall that absolutely blew me away. A live recording of “Golden Pine”, the string interplay and slow-burn of a start had me hooked right away.

Looking into the band a bit more, it turns out they’re releasing a new EP called “New Moore Island” on 1 November, and giving away a track from the EP, called “It Carved Your Name Into The Ground”.

And damned if it isn’t awesome.

It’s got that same kind of foot-stamping rhythm that Mumford and Sons have made so popular, but there’s something more… I don’t know, freeform about it? It’s relentless, but at the same time, wild.

In other words, it’s exactly my kind of tune.
Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: The Mariner’s Children – It Carved Your Name Into The Ground

“New Moore Island” is out November 1.

2010 releases music

Donovan Woods – Let Go Lightly

Donovan Woods

There’s something so damn familiar about Donovan Woods voice. I’m not sure what it is… I mean, it’s more than the fact that the guy sounds like Jeremy Fisher… it’s that the voice is such a comfortable one. It’s the type of voice that you’d have around the campfire with beers, you know?

Anyway, at the beginning of this month, Donovan released his latest LP, “The Widowmaker”. And it’s a whole lot of awesome. Here, as a taster, is a tune off the album, “Let Go Lightly”.

Listen: Donovan Woods – Let Go Lightly

“The Widowmaker” is available for download through iTunes now.

2010 releases artists to watch for in 2011 music music videos

The Chemist – Lullaby #1 (Mercy) [VIDEO]

Man, what a great music video from Perth lads, “The Chemist“. And there’s something about that line, “Mercy sleeps inside Love’s arms” that just really gets to me tonight.

Stick around for the full thing… that last minute of the tune just feels right.