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The Mariner’s Children – It Carved Your Name Into The Ground

The Mariner’s Children are one of those happy finds that you just manage to stumble across, you know? I was trying out the Facebook page browse function (warning: time waster!) and came across a page with an interesting name: The Mariner’s Children.

After clicking through, there was a video posted to the wall that absolutely blew me away. A live recording of “Golden Pine”, the string interplay and slow-burn of a start had me hooked right away.

Looking into the band a bit more, it turns out they’re releasing a new EP called “New Moore Island” on 1 November, and giving away a track from the EP, called “It Carved Your Name Into The Ground”.

And damned if it isn’t awesome.

It’s got that same kind of foot-stamping rhythm that Mumford and Sons have made so popular, but there’s something more… I don’t know, freeform about it? It’s relentless, but at the same time, wild.

In other words, it’s exactly my kind of tune.
Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: The Mariner’s Children – It Carved Your Name Into The Ground

“New Moore Island” is out November 1.

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