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Marionette Music Videos

Over the last few months, two “Marionette Music Videos” were released that really caught my eye. The first was Josh Ritter‘s “The Curse”, and the second, Chris Garneau‘s “Dirty Night Clowns”.

Josh Ritter – The Curse

Josh Ritter‘s drummer, Liam Hurley, is a skilled marionette puppeteer… so of course, when it came to telling the bizarre love story that is Josh Ritter’s, “The Curse”, who better to take on the task than a puppeteer?

“The Curse” tells the tale of the love between an archeologist and her mummy. Seriously. And it’s absolutely heart-breaking.

Long ago on the ship, she asked “Why pyramids?”
He said “Think of them as an immense invitation”
She asks “Are you cursed?” He says “I think that I’m cured”
Then he kissed her and hoped that she’d forget that question
– Josh Ritter, “The Curse”

Chris Garneau – Dirty Night Clowns

I’ve been a Chris Garneau fan ever since I saw his cover of Eliott Smith’s, “Between the Bars”. But this release of his might be my favourite yet. An absolutely terrifying video, “Dirty Night Clowns” will leave you feeling unsettled at the very least. On a lighter note, I absolutely love the use of the skeletons as percussion in this tune.

I will never be dirt-free
Up the stairs, come find me
Come sneak up behind me
I’ll be sleeping soundly

– Chris Garneau, “Dirty Night Clowns”

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