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Full Album Stream: Chadwick Stokes – Simmerkane II

There are few bands who ever affected me the way Dispatch did. And so, when Dispatch sadly called it quits back around 2004, I followed each of the individual band members’ new musical projects with interest. My love affair with Pete Francis is no secret, and I find Braddigan just so inspiring.

But the only one of the trio that I’ve ever managed to catch live since the split is Chad, and his band State Radio. That night was huge for me, and confirmed that Chad still had it.

Anyway, all this is a pretty convoluted way of saying that I have some major history with these dudes. So, when Chad announced that he was just about to release his debut solo album, Chadwick Stokes: Simmerkane II, on June 28, I was – to put it mildly – excited.
And so it’s with no small amount of pleasure that – a week before its official drop – you can now stream the full thing on Burgo’s Blog.

A note from Chad on the release:

“It’d been 6 years since last meeting up with John Dragonetti (checkout Jack Drag and Submarines) and recording Simmerkane in his attic in Arlington, MA. We’d been talking for a few years about getting back together and I was really excited to meet up with him at Jimmy Parr’s studio on Martha’s Vineyard this fall for round two. I played a bunch of songs – most of them from the last year or so: songs about growing up on the farm, some from the recent trips on the freight trains. As they developed, there seemed a singular story that was unfolding. A story about journeying away to understand what was left behind and trying to come to grips with love, loss, escape and return.. We had such fun making the record and being on the island during the stormy season made for warm days, cold windy nights and good surf… and Jimmy’s studio was made from wide planks of wood from the old schooner the Alabama. Thanks for everyone’s help!

– Chadwick”

It takes a certain type of musician to hop freight trains and barrel across the vastness of North America with his brother and cousin. Especially for an artist who, just years before, sold out Madison Square Garden for three consecutive nights. This album tells the tale of that trip.

So hop on that train, and ride along with Chad below…

Chadwick Stokes – Simmerkane II by nettwerkmusicgroup

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Bon Iver on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon – Holocene

So… yeah, I know there’s a lot of Bon Iver posts floating around here lately, but what do you expect? The album’s officially dropped now (even though you could stream it two weeks ago if you’d been paying attention) and the promo circuit is well and truly heating up.

But hell… as long as the performances are as killer as this, I’ll keep posting the damn things.

Above, watch Bon Iver perform “Holocene” (one of the album’s standout tracks) alongside saxophonist Colin Stetson and friends. Sheer awesomeness.

2011 releases

Justin Vernon on Colbert

Justin Vernon talks about Bon Iver’s new album on Colbert. Basically, it’s an overload of awesome, topped off with a killer performance of Calgary.

Touche, Colbert… touche.


Mumford & Sons – England [The National Cover]

Bloody hell, this cover is simply beautiful.

2011 releases music videos

audiafauna – Roots

Ok, so here’s the thing: audiafauna haven’t even got around to releasing their debut LP yet. So this may be considered to be somewhat premature… but after spinning the below track, “Roots” a few times, I’m fairly confident in predicting that the radio stations will just eat this tune up. It’s pure radio fodder.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way either. It’s just a ridiculously accessible, incredibly catchy tune. Watch the video below, and download the track for free over at their bandcamp.

2011 releases

New Morrissey – Action Is My Middle Name (Live at Maida Vale 2011)

Um. Um um um. New Morrissey! That is all.
(You can listen to the whole set here, but if you’re in Australia you’ll need to spoof your IP)

2011 releases

Stream Bon Iver, Bon Iver

Dudes, stream the new self-titled “Bon Iver” LP below. Thanks to the New York Times, you can listen to the whole release, two weeks before its official release on June 21.

Thoughts? I’m thinking that 95% of “For Emma, Forever Ago” fans will hate it. Me? I’m thinking this is one of those albums that takes a few spins before it’s the memory of your favourite girlfriend’s scent. That comfortable, warm smell of strawberry vanilla.

In other words, give it a chance. And “Michicant” and “Wash.” are both freaking spectacular.

Previously on Bon Iver, Bon Iver: “51 seconds was all it took” | “Bon Iver, Calgary

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Allen Stone – Unaware [VIDEO]

I have to be honest, I don’t have much of a story for this one. I just randomly stumbled across this video from Allen Stone, but info on the guy is… well, kind of sparse.

But what I can tell you is… dude is incredibly, incredibly smooth. And I’m loving this tune. So I’m looking forward to learning more.

Pure velvet. “Unaware” is from Allen’s upcoming self-titled album, due out soon. Whatever “soon” means.