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Andrew Bird – “Bein’ Green” (Kermit Cover) [STREAM]

One of my most-anticipated releases of 2011 might not be what you think. Because it’s a Muppets cover album, otherwise known as “The Green Album“.

So this cover from Andrew Bird of the iconic tune “Bein’ Green” makes me feel indescribably kid-like (and by that I mean: happy). In Andrew’s own words:

This song epitomizes Kermit’s role as the sensitive hero, the not-so-fearless leader of the Muppets. He goes from “gosh, it’s rough being green” to “well, green’s not so bad” before discovering that green is the best thing ever. But it’s Kermit, so he reins it in back to feeling pretty good about being green. The song shows us how to celebrate what makes us different, even indulge some delusions of grandeur, but in the end temper them with humility.

It debuted on NPR recently, but you can now stream the whole thing below.

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