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Ryan Adams, ‘Ashes & Fire’ [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a Ryan Adams blog, given the last few posts here… but c’mon, we all know I have major love for the guy. So, it is with much joy that I present to you (courtesy of NPR), the full stream of Ryan’s new album, Ashes & Fire.

A full review will be up sometime in the next week (I’ve got a few things on, weddings and the like to plan… so I want to take my time with this one); but I will say that, on first listen, this is definitely one of Ryan’s most relaxed albums I’ve ever heard. I don’t want to say “grown up”, but… well… the guy’s all grown up. Standouts are immediately the previously mentioned “Lucky Now“, “Come Home”, “Save Me”, and the simply sublime “Kindness”.

Dive in head-first below.

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