The Oh Hellos – Through the Deep Dark Valley [STREAM]

The Oh Hellos

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been writing on this blog much these days. Part of that is just life getting in the way; getting married and starting a new job tends to have that effect. But perhaps the even larger part is that I just haven’t been inspired by much music lately, which is a terrible affliction for a music blogger.

Thankfully, then the Oh Hellos came around to change that.

The first full-length album from this brother/sister combo, “Through the Deep, Dark Valley”, is simply beautiful. A self-contained concept album, it’s one that you really need to listen to all in one go, in chronological order. When you do, you’ll find – like I did – that you hardly notice the passing of one song to the other. This is just a story that weaves emotion around you effortlessly, and by the end you feel… well, this is going to sound totally cliched, but redeemed. You really need to listen to the whole thing to get the full effect, but at the very least listen to “I have made mistakes” and you’ll know what I mean.

Seriously you guys. Listen to this music. I haven’t told someone to do that in a very long time, with much conviction. But you need to listen to this.



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  1. Ryan Fuhrman
    November 12, 2012

    I completely agree! I stumbled on them today, and my ears/heart said finally! A sound that makes my heart swell and is simply beautiful for my ears to listen to.

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