Music Policy

Please note (even though this is clearly stated in the sidebar of all entries):

Songs and mp3 files placed up on this site are placed up on a sampling basis only. Much like giving you your first hit of something for free, these songs are intended to inspire you, and expose you to an artist.

If you like the tunes, then buy the CDs, go to concerts, support the music and the artist. I cannot stress this enough.

Due to only being placed up for sampling purposes, these songs will only be available for a limited period of time before they are then taken down. This is due to legalities (thanks traditional recording industry, can you hear the death knells already?).
Until such a time as those laws are changed, this practise is non-negotiable. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. Songs will remain posted for roughly 3 weeks past the date of publication, upon which they will be taken down.

Apart from that, I hope that something here hooks you.

And, again. This is listed in the sidebar of every entry… but if you represent an artist that is featured here, and you would prefer the file to be removed, then send an email to matthew.edward.burgess [at] and I’ll remove the file immediately.

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