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New Tallest Man On Earth – A Field Of Birds (Yellow Bird Project theme song)

This is just a short note to let you all know that there’s a new Tallest Man On Earth song out – see my last post on this dude heretitled “A Field of Birds”… and it’s a killer tune.

Yellow Bird Project

The song’s been released as a theme song for the site, Yellow Bird Project; a non-profit initiative that teams up with indie bands to raise money for various charities. According to their site:

We collaborate with musicians in designing a T-shirt, we print and sell them on our website, and all of the money we make goes to charity. Which charity? Each of the artists gets to choose their own. We have three fundamental aims:

1) To make money for charities directly through T-shirt sales.
2) To raise awareness for charity organizations through artists’ endorsement.
3) To raise the profile of the artists we like.

… and seriously, that’s a noble aim. So, if you think a shirt designed by such groups as The National, Hayden, Wolf
Parade, Rilo Kiley and many, many more might be your cup of tea, I urge you to stop by their site.

Back to The Tallest Man on Earth’s new tune… it’s a trademark Matsson song. It may be a bit too “duelling banjos, Deliverance style” for some people, but it’s fun nonetheless. A rollicking, bouncing tune with some intricate picking and killer banjo accompaniment… it’s good times.

Listen: Tallest Man On Earth – Field Of Birds (Yellow Bird Project theme song)