I feel like the world’s biggest traitor… Coldplay vs. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Honestly, right now I feel like a traitor to myself. Within a day of each other (from tomorrow) both tickets for Coldplay and Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Brisbane shows go on sale. Coldplay tickets are between $110-$140 (!!?) and Ryan Adams & The Cardinals tickets are $75 (which is up about another $20 from the last time I saw him play, I’m sure).

So, what’s the problem, you might ask? The problem is that, given the current economic climate of my wallet, I just don’t seem to be able to justify buying tickets to both. I have to choose. And, despite the fact that I would normally sacrifice a toe to see Ryan Adams play live, the choice isn’t as easy as you would expect. So, what would you do in my situation?

Ryan Adams Pros:

  • It’s Ryan Adams, for Pete’s sake. I mean, I write enough about the dude, don’t I?
  • Fix It. ‘Nuff Said.
  • It’s at The Tivoli, one of my favourite venues.

Ryan Adams Cons:

  • I’ve seen The Cardinals perform before at the Tiv. Only once, but that’s a significant factor in the choices here.
  • Dammit. Can’t seem to come up with any more cons, apart from the fact that it’s $75, which really stings.

Coldplay Pros:

  • It’s Coldplay. An iconic band of our generation. Sure, perhaps a bit mainstream for what you would think I’m into, but it’s Coldplay.
  • Um. See above. Oh, and Strawberry Swing is a pretty damn cool tune.
  • Oh yeah. One more… I haven’t seen them live before.

Coldplay Cons:

  • The frikkin’ price. $110-$140? That is, point blank insane. I think the last time I paid that much was for the Bob Dylan concert, and he had The Frames opening… so Coldplay best have some awesomeness opening for them.
  • I’m not so much a fan of the “Viva La Vida” album… it wasn’t bad, just not my favourite. But the majority of tracks on this tour will obviously be from that album.

At this stage, I think that Coldplay has it. But honestly, I want to hear your thoughts… what would YOU do? Let me know below.

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Which band have you been following longer?

What is the ratio of album you like vs albums you don’t like? Pick the one with the better ratio?

What band do you feel more loyal to?

Which band to do listen to on a weekly basis?

Be a bastard. Take emotion out of it. Make a decision based on your a methodically process. Either way, you are going to get an awesome concert.

@ Eddie:
Hmmm, tough questions there man, but here you go:
1) I guess I would say I’ve *listened* to Coldplay longer, but in terms of following? I don’t really follow Coldplay, whereas Ryan Adams I do… religiously.
2) Ratio of albums? Hmmm… tough question when one of the bands you’re comparing is Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, possibly one of the most prolific songwriters of our time.
3) Which band do I feel more loyal to? The Cardinals, no question.
4) Which band do I listen to on a weekly basis? The Cardinals, again.

I think the bit that gets to me though? The fact that I’ve *seen* the Cards play before, but I *haven’t* seen Coldplay before. That’s what throws all these pros and cons out the window.

@ MK:
You know, after looking at your blog… why does it not surprise me that’s the way you voted :P

I WISH! they toured down here back in ’07 and i was desperate to go but i was just a flat broke art student at the time and couldn’t afford it, so i didn’t get to see em! So i am super stoked for this tour!

I just stumbled upon your blog (I’m trying to start one of my own) and thought I’d offer my two cents.

I just saw coldplay live in houston last week. it was a good show, but not good enough to meet my high expectations. I’m not a huge fan of their new album either (in fact I don’t even own it) but they did play a lot of older songs, and a couple of them they changed up for the concert, which I loved. So that’s one con and one pro to add to your list; good luck with your decision!

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