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One EskimO – One Cool Act

Bugger. You know, I go offline for a few days, and I miss out on all the cool emails. A few days ago, Tim from the All-Leo Digital Agency (who have a super cool website, by the way) emailed me to let me know that one of their acts, One EskimO, would be performing a live gig at ‘The Big Night’ at Proud Camden, 7pm on Tuesday 10th February, and would I like two free tickets to give away to the readers of Burgo’s Music Blog?

As I say… buggeration. It’s the 9th of February today, and far too late to set up a giveaway/competition for free tickets. But that doesn’t mean I can’t spread the word about these guys in the meantime.

Although I hadn’t heard of these guys before Tim’s email, in the short time that I’ve had to listen to some of their material, I have to say that One EskimO have certainly impressed me. Their tunes are that ambient kind of music that perfectly complements a bed time cuddle with a new partner. You know the kind I mean. That first couple of cuddles with a new partner in bed, where everything could still be slightly awkward. Where you’re still trying to figure out how to be completely comfortable around each other. And god, why are there suddenly all these awkward silences? We were fine at dinner. Wow, this would be so much better if I at least had some music on, so there wasn’t all… this… silence. They’re that kind of perfect music.

From their press release:

One eskimO is a unique musical creation that combines gorgeous animations and beautiful music.

The unique musical band One eskimO is produced by Rollo (Faithless). One eskimO is a 4-piece band headed up by Kristian Leontiou. His fantastic musical sound is then added to a series of 10 animations charting the adventures of eskimO and his band – the giraffe, monkey and penguin.

‘The eskimo, the giraffe, monkey and penguin decided that they would all head out and travel above the seas, past the moon and the planets and venture out through the stars. They would travel together on the eskimO’s special ark. For this was no ordinary ark, this was a dream ark…’

One eskimO’s soft musical tones are already attracting attention from both a younger and older audience. The fantastic animations were produced by Passion Pictures (the team behind the highly successful Gorillaz), and have already won a 2008 British Animation award.

Below, a live video of the band performing their upcoming single, “Kandi” (which is simply gorgeous), and below that, the official video for their “Hometime” track, which shows off the animations.

All in all, if I was in the area, I’d go and see these guys tomorrow. So, if you are… why don’t you?

One eskimO – Hometime Official Video
by oneeskimo


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