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The Horrible Crowes – Black Betty & The Moon [PREVIEW]

Brian Fallon could pretty much play the nose flute, and I’d give it a listen to see how it goes. After all, the Gaslight Anthem were responsible for one of my “albums of the decade”, “The ’59 Sound”.
So when I heard that Brian had teamed up with Ian Perkins to form “The Horrible Crowes”, I was immediately interested. And when I heard Fallon describe their upcoming debut LP, Elsie, as am “experiment with the darker side of soul music”… well, I was pretty much sold.

So all I can say is, thank God this first preview of their work (a sample of the track, “Black Betty & The Moon” sounds so damn good. Because I would have been devastated if it didn’t.
Check out the first 90 seconds of the track below.

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