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Burgo’s Blog – A Retrospective Mixtape

So, I realised the other day that this blog has now been live for over 6 months on this domain (not including the few months I was on a WordPress hosted domain), and I thought now was as good a time as any to take a step back, and look at some of the tunes we’ve heard in that time.

I like to think that in the past few months, I might have possibly introduced you to a tune or two that might have struck a chord with you; that did something for you. And, seeing as I recently came across the Mixwit site, I thought… why not? It’s mixtape time.

Below I’ve compiled a mix tape of some of the songs I’ve featured on the blog over the past few months. Please note that, of course, it’s not all the songs, as that would be ridiculous. In particular, I haven’t included many (if any) songs from my “South African Bands you NEED to hear!” post, or the “Things I should have told you in 2007” post – as both of those would deserve a few hours on the mixtape themselves – so I suggest you give both those posts a separate read, as there are some real pearls tucked away there.

That said, I hope that the playlist below gives some kind of overview to the past few months here on Burgo’s Blog. I’ve included the playlist, with links through to the individual posts, underneath the “tape”. Just click the “play” button on the tape to start listening… it’ll stream from there. I hope you enjoy.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank all the readers who come by this blog. Thanks for the comments, thanks for the emails. They keep me going.

Listen. Love. Support.

1.) City & Colour – Body In A Box
2.) Matthew Ryan – Gone For Good
3.) Josh RitterThin Blue Flame
4.) The Tallest Man on Earth – It Will Follow The Rain
5.) Ray Lamontagne – Crazy (Cover)
6.) Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya (cover)
7.) Billy Bragg – Sing Their Souls Back Home (live)
8.) Destroyer – Foam Hands
9.) BARR – Untitled
10.) Farryl PurkissTime Like These
11.) Monkey Swallows The Universe – Sheffield Shanty
12.) The DamnwellsDown With The Ship
13.) The Damnwells – Golden Days
14.) Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s – Children’s Crusade on Acid (live)
15.) Stephin Merritt – A Nun’s Litany (live)
16.) Death Cab For CutieThe Ice Is Getting Thinner
17.) The War on Drugs – Arms Like Boulders
18.) Bodies of Water – I Guess We’ll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess
19.) Bon IverThe Wolves (Act I & II)
20.) Stereophonics – Best Of You (cover)
21.) Samamidon – Saro
22.) The Kooks – Tick Of Time
23.) Brett Dennen – Aint No Reason
24.) The Republic Tigers – Buildings & Mountains
25.) The Old Romantic Killer Band – Lovers Pass
26.) Blind Melon – Wishing Well
27.) Tokyo Police Club – In A Cave
28.) Julian Velard – Jimmy Dean & Steve McQueen
29.) Radiohead – House Of Cards (live)
30.) Malcolm Middleton – Blue Plastic Bags
31.) Electric President – Insomnia
32.) Andy McKee – Rylynn
33.) Chris Bathgate – Serpentine
34.) Gomez – Chasing Ghosts With Alcohol
35.) Nathaniel Hoho – Nightmares
36.) The New Frontiers – Black Lungs
37.) Jay Clifford – Mexico
38.) Robert Francis – One by One
39.) Romantica – Ixcatan
40.) Jon Foreman – Behind Your Eyes
41.) Gregory Page – Sleeping Dogs
42.) Will Conner – Home
43.) Brett Young – Remember Me This Way (live)
44.) Toothpick – Scars (remix)
45.) Jeremy Fisher – Lay Down (The Ballad of Rigoberto Alpizar)
46.) Need To Breathe – Washed By The Water
47.) Ozomatli – Afterparty
48.) Matt CostaThe Ballad Of Miss Kate
49.) Langhorne Slim – Restless
50.) Brendan James – Hero’s Song
51.) Jack Penate – Torn On The Platform
52.) Jamie T – Sheila
53.) The Broderick – Bells
54.) Mystery Jets – Flake
55.) The Heavenly States – The Race
56.) U2 – In A Little While (live)
57.) Faker – This Heart Attack
58.) Patrick ParkHere We Are
59.) The Foxboro Hot Tubs – Ruby Room
60.) Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Modern Mystery
61.) The DodosAshley
62.) Wild Sweet Orange – Wrestle With God
63.) Yeasayer – 2080
64.) Roger That – Chasing The Sun
65.) Patrick Sweaney – Hotel Women
66.) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Almost Cut My Hair
67.) Rivo Drei – She Amazed Me (The Dilbert Sessions)
68.) The Wombats – Let’s Dance To Joy Division
69.) David VanderveldeNothin’ No
70.) The RaconteursCarolina Drama
71.) Tin Bangs – Your Sky Is Falling
72.) Frightened Rabbit – Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms
73.) State RadioCamilo