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Burgo’s Top Albums of 2021

Oh. Hi. Yep, it’s been four years since I last posted here. Man, that’s sad. Anyway, here’s a “Best Albums of 2021” post. 21 albums for 2021. 21. Luca Brasi – Everything is Tenuous Dependable melodic-punk, for when your inner 16-year-old needs to come out, and remind yourself that you’re not dead yet, dammit. I […]

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The War On Drugs – Red Eyes

Tell you what, The War on Drugs just keep getting better and better with each album, don’t they? “Red Eyes”, a cracking tune, comes from a cracking album, “Lost in the Dream”, which just dropped last week.

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The War on Drugs – Arms Like Boulders

The War On Drugs has just released their EP, “Barrel of Batteries” The consistently great Secretly Canadian label has just released a 5 track EP by the – unbelievably still little-known – band The War On Drugs, entitled “Barrel of Batteries“. And it’s frikkin’ great. Secretly Canadian have this habit of signing your new favourite […]