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Burgo’s Top Albums of 2023

Yes, I’ve been absent again. 2 years since my last post. Sorry about that. I did actually put together a “Burgo’s Top Albums of 2022” with all the intent of posting here last year, but life got in the way. If you’re interested in what made the cut, you can still find the playlist on […]

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Burgo’s Top Albums of 2013

2014 was probably the “smoothest” year I can remember in music for quite some time. By that, I mean it was the year where polished pop music finally became cool again, and was totally embraced by the indie kids. That’s definitely reflected in my choices below; it’s by far the most “pop-driven” list of any […]

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New The National – Rylan & I Need My Girl

This weekend The National debuted two songs on Canadian Public Radio and… sigh. They are predictably gorgeous. After much teasing about their new album, this is our first look at what the boys have been working on while wrapping up their final High Violet shows. And it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The first track, Rylan, is […]

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12 Top Albums of 2010

This year, I was really hoping to just skip the pontificating and disclaimer-filled opening paragraph that always seems to accompany “Best Of” year-end lists, and dive right into it. Alas, it was not to be. Because, to be honest, I found 2010 strange; about 90% of my favourite music bloggers called it the best year […]

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The National – Terrible Love (Alternate Version)

Proving yet again that the Berninger brothers are far more talented than any human beings should realistically be, The National have just released the video for “Terrible Love (Alternate Version)”, both filmed and directed by Tom Berninger, brother to the enigmatic frontman Matt. (thanks Shelagh P for the correction in the original post) Shot both […]

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Another “Best Albums of the Decade” (2000 – 2009) List…

God. It’s already December the 15th as I write this (not sure when I will get to publish the post) [Ed’s note: only half a month later. Not bad. I’ll just use the excuse that I was waiting until 2009 was over, to give every possible chance to every album in the decade. Yeah, that’s […]

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Live Music Friday – The National White Sessions

Welcome back to another Live Music Friday here at Burgo’s Blog. For this week’s post, I decided to revisit a past Live Music Friday post, from April, where I featured The National live on the Radio Inter Black Sessions. In that post, I mentioned that they had followed up from that show with another show […]

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Live Music Friday – The National Black Sessions

Wow. That week went fast. I can’t believe it’s time for another Live Music Friday. Following on from our Alex & Angela Dezen/Damnwells post here, I thought that today we’d feature a show from The National. The National Black Sessions The National (image credit: David Greenwald) Aah, those Frenchmen. I swear, whether it’s my favourite […]