Robert Francis – Love is a Chemical

Hard to believe I’ve been writing about Robert Francis for 6 years now, but in that 6 years the dude has totally been writing the soundtrack to my life. So when I heard Robert had dropped out of the music business, shaved his hair and fallen into drugs following the release of Strangers in the First Place back in 2012, it was a major downer.

The good news is, Robert’s back – and looking great. His fourth LP, Heaven, is out June 3 – and here’s your first taste, with the video for “Love is a Chemical”.

2012 releases

Robert Francis – Some Things Never Change

Hard to believe that it’s been over four years since I first wrote about Robert Francis on this blog, and even harder to believe that the dude still isn’t a household name.

Hopefully all that is about to change, with the release of his album, “Strangers in the First Place”, out May 22nd on Vanguard Records.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Robert and the folks over at Vanguard have put up a copy of “Some Things Never Change” for free download below, in exchange for giving them your email address. It’s an awesome song, but I’ll tell you what… the real story here is the live version of the tune that they’ve just released. Robert live absolutely kills it.

Watch the video – and have your heart broken – below, and if you dig, download the recorded version below that.

2009 releases

Robert Francis – Mescaline

You shoot up. Then you go to class. It’s funny how nobody asks. ‘Cause all your teachers love you. Everybody loves you. Everybody loves you the same way that I do. What a wonderful world we live in.

You’re a love disaster, your heart beats faster, when it’s with mine. You’re a likely story, morning glory on the vine.
– Robert Francis, Mescaline

For no other reason than I needed to hear something beautiful tonight.

Listen: Robert Francis – Mescaline

I first wrote about Robert nearly four years ago now, and I still find myself returning to his two albums time and time again. If you haven’t listened to One by One or its follow up, Before Nightfall, yet… make sure you do soon. This is music.

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Robert Francis – One by One. And, a side helping of Wild Sweet Orange – Wrestle With God

Robert Francis

At just 19, Robert Francis is unquestionably a song-writer wise beyond his years. Having already worked with some musical giants (Ry Cooder, and John Frusciante to name just a few), it is clear that the future hold’s great things for Robert Francis.

It’s hard to listen to this guy and picture him at just 19. His songs conjure up images of a hardened, world-weary performer, who has paid his dues at various dives he would have played at while hitching across the country.

The emotion is like a tsunami that rolls over you; both depressing and uplifting at the same time, Robert Francis is going places. Hopefully, you’ll join him.

This, the title track from his debut album, “One by One”, is a lush, seven minute affair… but it ends all too soon.

Listen: Robert Francis – One By One

Wild Sweet Orange

Wild Sweet Orange only came to my ears recently, and boy have I been missing out. Intelligent, dreamlike indie rock with a southern guitar backbone makes for a great listen from these guys.

What makes these guys all the more interesting is that they seem to have no desire to rush into the big time; by all accounts, they’re happy to keep playing to smaller crowds, and enjoy the ride as they pay their dues.

While much of their debut EP, “The Whale” is intoxicating, dreamlike loops (particularly in the stunning “Ten Dead Dogs”), the boys also show their edgier side, as with their opener, “Wrestle With God”.

Listen: Wild Sweet Orange – Wrestle With God