A Look Back at Burgo's Blog Thus Far...

Wow. Two years old, huh?

So it looks like I let something slip by without celebration that I promised I would not let slip by… the second birthday of Burgo’s Music Blog! That’s right, on the 17th of September 2009, this here music blog turned 2. Over the past few years, this music blog has had its ups and downs, and I’d like to thank those of you who have stuck with me through it for your tenacity… heaven knows the support has been undeserved at times, but that does not mean by any means it has ever been unappreciated.

Happy 1st Birthday Burgo's Blog

So, while for the 1st birthday post I gave some stats, this time around I thought I would share with you some of my favourite posts from the last year. Keep in mind, these weren’t necessarily the most popular posts with readers, in terms of comments left and engagement, etc… heck, some of these posts didn’t even get a single comment. They’re simply the songs/moments that stood out to me as… well… flat out awesome. And I thought you might like to relive some of the memories :)

1. The Avett Brothers, “Murder In The City” video post. Still one of my favourite videos from the last year of blogging. The quiet moments are the best.

2. The Sand Band, “Secret Chord” post. Absolutely no idea why this band has not garnered more coverage. Flummoxes me (yes, I said flummox).

3. “The Damnwells… still the world’s most underappreciated band” post. Purely because this post led to contact from Alex himself, and a slight involvement in the official Damnwells site (ignore the tribute site talked about in that post, I haven’t touched it since). Really, it’s nice to look on that post too, considering just how well Alex and The Damnwells are doing now.

4. Dead Man’s Bones – In Your Room video post. Damned if this isn’t one of my favourite tunes of the last year. Not sure many others shared my love for the track, but still… it’s awesome.

5. The Bon Iver, live at the Tivoli in Brisbane post. There were a fair amount of comments on this one, and I think it showed just how much the gig touched each of us that were there. While I still cannot fathom what some people have against Justin Vernon and Co (ahem, Dave, ahem), I was glad that other readers seemed to share the love for the tunes that I did. I was also suitably proud of myself for actually getting some reasonable quality videos of the night, instead of my usual crappy phone quality ones.

6. The Deep Dark Woods – Winter Hours post. Little more than a hat-tip to Cap, it still ranks up there because it contained on of my songs of the year, “All the Money I Had Is Gone”.

7. The Coldplay, live at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre post. If nothing else, purely because it served as a reminder to me not to fall into the “too cool to like mainstream bands” pitfall that often awaits unsuspecting music bloggers.

8. River Cuomo, “Can’t Stop Partying” video post. At the time, I called it one of the coolest things I had seen all month. I’ll revise that now to one of the coolest things I’ve seen all year.

9. Joe Pug, “How Good You Are”, live at Schuba’s Tavern post. An artist with no signs of slowing down, “How Good You Are” is still one of my favourite Pug tunes. And damned if that’s not saying something.

10. Joe Raciti – Love Love post. Joe doesn’t know this, but he’s my tether when it comes to music blogging. When I lost sight of why I started this thing, it’s Joe’s enthusiasm that brings me back.

11. Dave Smallen – I Think It’s Getting Better post. It’s no surprise this makes the list, as it’s my most recent post. But it’s not simply showing up here as it’s the “flavour of the month” round these parts still. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this song is going to have some serious staying power, and deserves its place here.

… and that’s it, for now. Stick around for another year, won’t you?