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Ryan Adams won’t give up on people…

Read this. Now.

‘Nuff said.


Edit: Well, I see that Ryan has since deleted that post, for whatever reason. So it’s a good thing that – knowing his fickle blogging ways, and his tendency to delete things I reference – that I made a record of it. So read on, for your pleasure below, Ryan’s now-deleted post…

“Never Give Up On People You Love If You Can. Never. And Never Give Up On Yourself If You Can.
That Is The Punkest Shit You Can Do. To Never NEVER Give Up.”

I know that sounds so serious and crazy and weird but I just wanted to say that to you tonight Foggy.

It is a scary weird world, and it get’s so dark sometimes that it seems like it’s safer being unhappy, but you know, when you are happy, when shit is working, sometimes that just means exactly that. Don’t be afraid.

And if you get weirded out because someone or something is making you happy, and that doesn’t seem to you like you are working hard enough for it then, because you spent a life judging happiness by how Little something hurt, instead of How MUCH something made you happy and made you feel whole, just STOP. just stop and think about this, because someone told me this and I just have to say this Foggy.

There is a light and There is a Darkness. And there is a choice.

And every Something in the little universe of yours, of ours, every single something, that is a light. That is another day and a new exchange waiting to happen and a new laugh and a new page and a new chapter.

And even though you may have spent a lot of time very sad, very afraid, There is a Darkness, and it is quiet there and not many if any people are in that darkness, and there might be more days there Foggy, there might be more choices, little choices you can make in the dark, but that is a darkness Foggy. And a darkness can get so dark that it can take you away from the light forever. You might just be squinting sometimes, thinking you are holding on to it but you are moving towards it or away.

SO Foggy, I really really love you and I want to tell you something very important. I am going to go away from that darkness now. Because in that light, I was very afraid, because I was not used to all that growing and all those things happening where you could see, and all the things in me I could see I never saw before, that scared me and I ran from that, I needed to think. I needed to sit on the moon for a second and look at the world and think.

But we have to move Foggy. We have to go now towards where all that love and that light was coming from. Because that is another day.

And we are getting older now Foggy and it is time to start sharing some of the things we learned. Some of those things are things people do not survive or do not walk away from still being able to see what is bright and what is not.

So we have to go now and become a good example and a good friend and good teacher to other people in case they too got lost too in all the quiet darkness.

It is part of the promise we made. To never give up! So we are not going to give up on ourselves or others, and not going to be judging from the dark places, but instead, we are going to listen. and we are not going to judge but instead see. (well maybe we might judge alittle harshly sometimes when we write but that is the style of writing, that font, is call Assholevetica and we helped make that so you know, sometimes it will be a bit saucy,……but still)…..

we are going to pull up the things that kept us in the ground and go over to where that beautiful blinding light is, and not be afraid.

So just stay with me for a minute and close your eyes if it hurts some because it is very bright, but let’s go. Let’s go make another page, Let’s go make another day happen, and Let’s go find out what is in there and when and if we can, maybe we can tell other people about it, so that they can see the choice.

and we must always honor that promise to be good and to be true.

That is how we can help.

So here is to Never Giving Up, and Never Giving Up On Others When They Do Not Give Up On You.

Rest up Foggy, much is about to change and we will need our energy and our strength because letting go for real is about changing that too.

So rest up, and I will wake you when it’s time to go. It is going to bring the best things we have to the people we love and even some people we don’t even know yet.

Thank You Foggy, you are a good listener and a good spirit. I love you very much.

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Ryan Adams says goodbye to Foggy…

… and although we’ve heard this before, I think it’s for real this time.

Ryan Adams says goodbye to Foggy…
Ryan Adams says goodbye to Foggy in his latest post…

This follows an earlier post today where Ryan wrote:

“The Sad Truth Is This Blog, It’s What Happens When One Day You Don’t Have That Person You Talk To Everyday Anymore. They Leave. Any You Get Desperate. And Pathetic. And You Don’t Know Who To Talk To. Life Goes On Without You. That Is What This Is. This Is A Horrible Loneliness. I Hate It. I Hate It So Much I Do It Every Fucking Day.”

Ryan’s blog was one of the most creative things to hit the music blogosphere in years. So… again: We’ll miss you Foggy.

(side note: I know it’s been quiet and this is an unacceptable first post after a week away, but things were/are ridiculously busy after my week in Sydney. Regular posting will resume soon… I promise.)


Edit: Well, that didn’t take long. There’s yet another post up, where Ryan posted this 20 minute video. Something tell me this is going to be a lingering goodbye…

Edit #2: Again… that didn’t take long. Ryan’s since deleted the video. Sorry folks.

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Ryan Adams has left us a parting gift…

Ryan Adams has left us a parting gift. Unfortunately, I think this signals the end of his blog.
But he’s left us a parting gift.

And it’s a beautiful thing.

The guy makes me ache.

Goodbye Ryan.
Goodbye Wilson.
Goodbye Barnabus, and Foggy. (if you’ve been reading his blog, you’ll know what that’s about).

It was great meeting you all.

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Ryan Adams is a maniac…

Ryan Adams is a maniac. The output on his blog (mentioned back here… so if you haven’t yet subscribed to his RSS feed, I don’t want to talk to you anymore) is ridiculously fast-flowing. Given the prolific nature of Ryan, this shouldn’t come as a surprise… after all, this is the guy who has, in the last 7 years, released 11 albums; and that’s not including his sterling work with all time greats, Whiskeytown.

Anyway, this is just really a short post to remind you that there are some gems coming up on that blog, if you don’t mind sifting through the 14 entries a day. For example, take this video:

“THURSDAY NIGHT” from Ryan Adams on Vimeo.

As Ryan says of the video:

I spent the afternoon making a movie about things I loved this week, people I love all the time, folks I admire, and my exciting planned excursion out of “Cave of Where Jams Are Born” also known as, “bedroom”/ that’s right folks, that’s where even that black magic comes from. (makes gagging sound, loses more ability to discern reality from fiction, pets Darryl Hanna Robot the cat)

Enjoy. Oh, I made the jam too. did the whole thing. Thanks to my pals for providing the photos. Lovely stuff everyone

So, basically the guy put this – more creativity than I’ve managed to come up with in a month – together in an afternoon. Jam included. A song he wrote to pass the time.

It’s official. The dude just shits creativity, and his bowels are hyperactive. I’m jealous.