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Patrick Wolf – This City

Patrick Wolf

Yes, I know it’s been far too long since I last posted. And, to be honest, there are more than a few things that should have been up by now, not least of which is reviews of the new Damnwells and Hotels and Highways records.

But that will have to continue to wait. For now, I simply wanted to share this song with you. It may have been out for a few months already, but damned if I’m going to let that stand in my way. From the ever-intriguing Patrick Wolf, The City is the most ridiculously contagious fun-love song I have ever heard.

Listen: Patrick Wolf – This City

This City appears on Wolf’s upcoming album, Lupercalia, due out in May.

sad news

For Syd

Syd Kitchen is to South African music what the Sphynx is to Egypt; a landmark that has seemingly always existed, yet remains a true enigma. A teacher, thinker, and published poet, Syd Kitchen will always be, for me at least, the godfather of South African music. He is the very heart and soul of it all.
The 30 South African bands you need to hear (Syd was artist #10)

For Syd, a man who inspired more of us Saffa musos then he ever knew. You were always yourself, Syd. I have no higher compliment.

You’ll be missed.

2011 releases music videos

REM – Überlin [VIDEO]

Who knew the kid from Kick-Ass, Aaron Johnson, could boogie like this?

Although R.E.M had previously released a “lyrics video” version for Überlin, this piece, featuring Aaron Johnson casually strolling down London’s Brick Lane, is the official video. Directed by Aaron’s fiance, Sam Taylor-Wood, the clip is just one of several “specially commissioned films” for the album, which apparently includes two by the impossibly talented James Franco.