2011 releases

James Blake & Bon Iver – Fall Creek Boys Choir [STREAM]

I was in two minds when I first heard this… and I suppose that I still am. But the more I listen to this tune, the more I think I get it.

James Blake and Justin Vernon seem like they would make for a magical match up, and this new collaboration from them could just confirm that. Uploaded to youtube earlier today, this tune, “Fall Creek Boys Choir” may seem too discordant at first, but give it time; it’ll sway you.

The youtube info states that “Fall Creek Boys Choir” will be available on iTunes next week (w/c 29th Aug 2011), but also tantalisingly goes on to add, “Enough Thunder – Oct 2011”. Could we see an EP/LP from the lads next month? Time will tell, but this song makes me hope so.

2011 releases

New Ryan Adams – Lucky Now [STREAM]

Today Ryan Adams released the first single off his forthcoming Glyn Johns-produced LP, Ashes & Fire, on his Facebook page, titled “Lucky Now”.

I’ve been listening to the thing for about 6 hours now, and – despite the lyrics – each time I hear it, this smile creeps across my face, and (as cliched as this sounds) across my heart. I don’t know how to explain it better than that, but this song has saved me multiple times today.

Ashes & Fire is out October 11th, with pre-orders available now here.

2011 releases music videos

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Box of Stones [VIDEO]

You know one of the really cool things about the internet? You can start out reading an article about Grant Morrison, and then click a link from there to one of the author’s other blogs, and then from there click on a comment left on a blog post, and then from there end up at a Wikipedia article, and then from there click on a link to the BBC, and from there find out about a new artist.

No? Guess that just happens to me then.

Anyway, such was the circuitous route that led me to Benjamin Francis Leftwich, and this beautiful video, “Box of Stones”. Although I hadn’t heard of the guy before, it turns out that he dropped his debut LP earlier this month, and has already picked up quite the following.

Ben’s debut album, “Last Smoke before the Snowstorm” is available at a few places online… check out the list here.

2011 releases

Andrew Bird – “Bein’ Green” (Kermit Cover) [STREAM]

One of my most-anticipated releases of 2011 might not be what you think. Because it’s a Muppets cover album, otherwise known as “The Green Album“.

So this cover from Andrew Bird of the iconic tune “Bein’ Green” makes me feel indescribably kid-like (and by that I mean: happy). In Andrew’s own words:

This song epitomizes Kermit’s role as the sensitive hero, the not-so-fearless leader of the Muppets. He goes from “gosh, it’s rough being green” to “well, green’s not so bad” before discovering that green is the best thing ever. But it’s Kermit, so he reins it in back to feeling pretty good about being green. The song shows us how to celebrate what makes us different, even indulge some delusions of grandeur, but in the end temper them with humility.

It debuted on NPR recently, but you can now stream the whole thing below.

2011 releases

New Frightened Rabbit – Fuck This Place [STREAM]

What could be better then hearing me say, “Hey, you know what? Here’s a new Frightened Rabbit tune”? Oh, I don’t know. How about, “Hey, you know what? Here’s a new Frightened Rabbit tune… and it features Tracyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura”?

Yeah. How freakin’ cool is that.

“Fuck This Place” is off Frightened Rabbit’s new self-titled EP, which – at this stage – is only available for purchase on their current tour.
Listen below, and then head on over to Listen Before You Buy for the full scoop.