2012 releases

Robert Francis – Some Things Never Change

Hard to believe that it’s been over four years since I first wrote about Robert Francis on this blog, and even harder to believe that the dude still isn’t a household name.

Hopefully all that is about to change, with the release of his album, “Strangers in the First Place”, out May 22nd on Vanguard Records.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Robert and the folks over at Vanguard have put up a copy of “Some Things Never Change” for free download below, in exchange for giving them your email address. It’s an awesome song, but I’ll tell you what… the real story here is the live version of the tune that they’ve just released. Robert live absolutely kills it.

Watch the video – and have your heart broken – below, and if you dig, download the recorded version below that.

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The Tallest Man on Earth – Little Brother [VIDEO]

I remember back in the days when I lived in South Africa, we struggled to get good international acts to come out and play intimate gigs. No longer, it seems, as I’ve just come across this stunning recording of The Tallest Man on Earth playing a live show in South Africa, in one of my favourite cities: Cape Town.

The tune in question, Little Brother, is simply beautiful. Dare I say, it’s the favourite thing I’ve heard from Kristian Mattsson yet. And considering I’ve been writing about the guy for about four years now, that’s saying something.

Just beautiful. I wish I’d been there to hear it.


Pete Yorn – Surfer Girl [COVER]

If watching the Grammys the other night made you nostalgic for the Beach Boys halcyon days, you’re not the only one. Yesterday, Pete Yorn share the below on his soundcloud account, saying:

“Watching last nights Grammy’s made me wanna share this with you….I recorded this (one of my all time favorite songs) a few months ago as part of a record of cover songs I’m putting together….perhaps you have seen me sing this song during past live shows…..this is SURFER GIRL….”

Turns out ol’ Pete has done a bloody fine job with this tune (one of my favourites). All crackly and warm, Brian and the boys would be proud. I’m pulling out my Beach Boys records right now, and looking forward to Pete’s covers album too.

2012 releases

4 years later, Jack Penate enters my life again.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over four years since I last wrote about Jack Peñate on this blog. At the time, Jack’s “Second, Minute or Hour” was probably one of my favourite tunes of 2007. But then he dropped off the radar for a while; in fact, since his 2009 release, “Everything is New”, I thought the guy had quit the music scene completely.

All that changed last week, when I noticed a link to a certain Youtube video floating around on the net. Jack’s back. And what a return.

After four years, it’s so good to hear the guy again. Those jangly guitars and that breathless delivery are still there; but it’s clear Jack’s grown up. I so cannot wait to hear what comes next.

Below, the video for Jack’s live performance of “No One Lied”. Give it a few spins. I have no doubt it will sneak up on you like it did me.

Download: Jack Peñate – No One Lied