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Guest Post – Josh Moore

Ed’s Note: The following is a guest post from Rachel Morris, a regular reader here on Burgo’s Blog. This is something I’m hoping to make a regular feature on Burgo’s Blog. Too often I get emails from people who write with such beauty about music they’re into, but who feel like they don’t have a forum to make their opinions heard. And, seeing as it’s the readers who have always made this blog what it is, I thought: “Why not take this a step further?”. So, if you’re interested in featuring via a guest post on this blog, then drop me an email at matthew.edward.burgess[at]gmail dot com. In the meantime, here’s Rachel…



Hi. I’m Rachel. Now, I know you may have been looking forward to your Burgo dose for the day, and rightfully so. But Mr. Matt Burgess has so kindly given me the opportunity to share some sweet music with you. I definitely appreciate his willingness to mix it up and let me indulge in the cathartic process of music chat… And I assure you that the music you’re about to hear is worth your while.

Josh Moore
Josh Moore (image credit:

SO, about the music. (Because that is what this is about)
Around six months ago I began listening to a guy by the name of Josh Moore.
I came upon him through the founder of the movement To Write Love On Her Arms – Jamie Tworkowski (amazing movement and amazing guy). Jamie had Josh’s song “Ghostly Reminders” posted on the TWLOHA page, and I gave it a listen. I couldn’t get enough. And I just couldn’t shake that song. So naturally, I wanted to hear more. Well, I came to find out that while this Josh Moore has seven solid songs available for purchase on snocap, he doesn’t have an album.

And I’m baffled. Because even though his vocals rival the best of the best (in my book), he has no record deal. To understand how ridiculous this seems, take a listen for yourself. If you’re the Burgo fans I think you are, you’ll find that this guy is quality. Qua-lit-y. In describing Josh Moore’s music… it’s a rare breed of disarming honesty and genuineness partnered with pure rock ‘n’ roll soul. I mean soul. As you begin to listen, you know it’s coming from a real authentic place. And that’s special! It really is a gift.

Sure, it’s easy for me to spread the word about music I adore. But I especially wanted to share Josh’s music with you because he deserves to be known. Sadly, though I’ve tried my darndest to find any sliver of info on his recording status, I don’t know what the deal is. However, what’s exciting is that he’s been pretty consistent in posting new tunes on his myspace, which leads me think an album is on its way. (Hopefully.) But, for now, we can savor what we’ve got, and lend Josh the support he deserves. His career in music looks pretty bright and colorful.

You can purchase his songs on snocap via his myspace page linked to above, and be sure you catch his EPK here. “Streaked Faces” is too beautiful.

Also, if you’re interested in To Write Love on Her Arms, definitely check out the youtube video of Josh playing a cover of Josh Ritter’s “Idaho” here. Jamie Tworkowski talks about the movement and introduces Josh.

Take it in and pass it on. Thanks for your time and peace to you.


Ed’s notes:

I’ve included the track that Rachel mentions above, “Ghostly Reminders“, here as a taster. It really is a cracking tune, so give it a listen.

Listen: Josh Moore – Ghostly Reminders

Also, I’ve embedded the youtube video that Rachel linked to above below… to be honest, I’m not familiar with the “To Write Love on Her Arms” organisation at all, but Josh’s singing (which begins about 3 minutes in to the video is awesome… probably helped by the fact that he’s covering one of my favourite artists)