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I think I might regret this…

I think I might regret this, but I’ve decided to take this week off from posting here. It’s probably not the best timing for a decision like this; especially considering the fact that one of my favourite music bloggers – Captain Obvious – was only the other day gracious enough to mention me in one of his round up posts… and I really should be trying to capitalise on all you wonderful new visitors that he’s sent my way.

(hello all, by the way. I hope you’re making yourself comfortable. Put your feet up, take a cookie).

That said, I’m feeling a bit burnt out this week, and, as I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t want to be one of those music bloggers that posts simply for the sake of posting. So I thought it best that I take off this week to recharge the ol’ batteries.

Not to worry, I’ll be back next week… but I just wanted to give all my regular readers a heads up. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this track – one I find pretty fitting – from Dallas Green, aka City and Colour.

‘Til next week… be lucky all.

Listen: City and Colour – Confessions

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Dallas Green – City and Colour

Back in the day, I used to be a pretty big Alexisonfire fan. In fact, when I’m feeling like a bit of anger is called for, I still am. So it was with interest that I awaited the sophomore release from Alexisonfire’s guitarist, Dallas Green, under his acoustic side project called “City and Colour“.

And man, has it been worth the wait.

City and Colour - Bring Me Your Love
Dallas Green, aka City and Colour

City and Colour‘s latest release is entitled “Bring Me Your Love“, and follows up from the highly successful debut album, “Sometimes”.

You know, people often complain that hardcore / metal / post-core / whatever-trendy-heavy-label-you-want-to-use music is “just screaming” and that, “there’s no musicianship there at all”.
I’ve always been of the opinion that the so-called “heavy” musicians make some of the most melodic, and most meaningful music, and that if they just slowed it down and dropped the notches below 11, more people would be able to see that. And Dallas Green, aka City and Colour may just be the person who explains that to the mainstream population.

Dallas’s plaintive voice, and enchanting melodies craft an entire experience; the emotions are undeniable. While purists will claim that the tunes don’t stand up to similar tunesmiths such as Sam Beam and Elliot Smith, there’s something in these songs that resonates with people.

I hope they make you feel something. I really do.

Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: City and Colour – Waiting
Listen: City and Colour – Body In A Box

Want some visual to go with that auditory pleasure? Then check out the video for “Waiting” below: