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Post-A-Day Week: Faker – This Heart Attack

Post-A-Day Week: It’s not often over a weekend that I’ll be sent enough songs to make up a week of posts. So, this week, I’ve decided to put up a post a day, as opposed to lumping them all into one confusing mess, as I am wont to do.

If you prefer the big mass posts, then let me know; but I think this might be easier to digest. Today’s aural treat is:


Faker – This Heart Attack

Faker - This Heart Attack

Showing some love for the Aussie bands, “This Heart Attack by Faker is a ridiculously catchy single from their latest album, “Be The Twilight” (2007). Similar to the Liverpool boys, “The Wombats”, Faker are bringing back that New Order sound and mashing it with a pop-sensibility that should ensure it’s accessibility to the masses.
And the fact that’s catchy as all hell certainly won’t hurt with that.

There’s something intense in lead singer Nathan Hudson’s delivery here, yet at the same time apathetic. It’s an intriguing combination, and if you haven’t heard this track yet, click the damn play button below already!

Listen: Faker – This Heart Attack