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Who are the Foxboro Hot Tubs? YOU decide…

Foxboro Hot Tubs

On Saturday, a new website popped up:, featuring the retro-styled jammings of the “Foxboro Hot Tubs“.

Cheesy as all hell (yet undeniably catchy), the mp3’s are making a bit of a stir online; namely, with questions of, “Who exactly are these old-school garage rockers?”. Not much information is available at the moment, but first reports (and my first listening to the 6-track EP) would indicate that the Foxboro Hot Tubs is actually a side project of the boys from Green Day.

The entire album is available for free download on their website, and at only 17mb’s, won’t take up too much of your time; so download all 6 tracks, and judge for yourself.
However, if your internet connection ain’t up to it, here’s a taster below…

Listen: Foxboro Hot Tubs – Ruby Room

Man, I love intrigue…


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