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The New York Fund – Guns of Camden Town, Going to New York, & Oh My Sweet

The New York Fund
The New York Fund (image credit:


So, there’s this band called The New York Fund, and you need to listen to them. Seriously. I’m not kidding. If you want to hear music that excites you, then this should be it.

Previously incaranated as the band Cherryfalls – circa 2003-2005 – after a slight line-up change, the London town band have come back, harder and – in my opinion, better – as the blues/ tinged The New York Fund. Sounding somewhat like a mix of Whiskeytown, The Cardinals, The Damnwells and, at times, The Kooks, The New York Fund have played with bands such as the Hold Steady and Ash… so that gives you some kind of idea to their versatility.

Singer Joey McAdam (or “Joey New York“, as he’s listed on their Myspace page) has an amazing voice, with that perfect mix of alcohol-fuelled swagger and a stunning range. And guitarist Adrian Woodward brings the perfect blues tinge to their blend of rock… the riffs are instantly recognisable, and complemented by an amazingly tight ryhthm section. Put simply… it’s some of the best stuff I’ve heard in 2008 thus far. And that places The New York in some pretty heady company.

Shockingly, the band has not been picked up by a label yet… hopefully someone out there is listening.

I’ve included three songs below: two from their 2007 EP, “Guns”, and the third is from the (currently unreleased) 2008 “Konk Sessions”. The first song, “The Guns of Camden Town“, is the perfect exemplification of their “Jack Daniels tinged rock“… all dirty, vintage guitars that lead you through a rollicking tune, it’s a song that – at times – sometimes sounds somewhat Raconteurs-ish.
The second song from that EP, “Oh My Sweet“, continues that theme, and finds Joey McAdam blowing an awesome harp.
And finally, the third song (and perhaps my favourite of the lot), “Going to New York“, is from their as-yet-unreleased Konk Sessions recording. A more wistful song from them, it has one of my favourite choruses of the year, complete with these absolutely delightful hand-claps that seem to come out of nowhere. It’s a keeper.

Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: The New York Fund – The Guns of Camden Town
Listen: The New York Fund – Oh My Sweet
Listen: The New York Fund – Going To New York