James Vincent McMorrow – Black Bear Lodge, live in Brisbane

James Vincent McMorrow

So, I have a dirty little confession to make. As embarrassing as this is to admit as a music blogger, it’s been over a year since I last went to a gig. With organising a wedding, buying a house, and changing jobs all in the space of a year, it’s been a lean time for the ol’ wallet… and unfortunately, gigs were one of the luxuries that had to get cut.

So you know it had to be something special that would make me air the moths out of the wallet, and get back on the gig circuit. And that something special was James Vincent McMorrow, performing live at the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane.

After a year off, I was not disappointed. In fact, in many ways last night was a renewal.

Y’see, Mr McMorrow came out and made me remember everything that I love about live music. There were no pretensions last night. There were no rock-star airs. If anything, dude came off as the humblest of guys. Someone you would love to share a beer with at the bar, laughing as the night grew older and cold winds blew outside.

So no. Here was this incredibly likeable guy up on stage, inviting you in to share his story. And it was bloody awesome.

James live was a relevation. The guy’s voice, killer. As in, jaw-dropping. He plays the guitar like it’s a part of him. But you know what will stand out for me?

The fact that he made you feel like we were all in this together. And I’ve missed that feeling so damn much.

Below are some recordings from the night. They are terrible quality, taken on my phone. But I’m enjoying reliving the night so much, I thought that some others who were there might too.

James Vincent McMorrow – Hear the noise (live at Black Bear Lodge)
James Vincent McMorrow – Higher Love (live at Black Bear Lodge)
James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat (live at Black Bear Lodge)

2011 releases music videos

James Vincent McMorrow – Sparrow & The Wolf [VIDEO]

James Vincent McMorrow has been one of my more consistent spins this year, since I first heard his stunning tune, “This Old Dark Machine“. Despite that, I’ve only just realised that I’ve never posted about the guy on here, which is crazy.

So here’s a handy excuse to get that first post up: James has just premiered the official video for the disconcerting “Sparrow and the Wolf”; another cracker song off his debut album, Early in the Morning. Watch below.

Early in the Morning is out now on iTunes.