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Tallest Man on Earth – Love Is All (live on later… with Jools Holland) [VIDEO]

One of my favourite tracks off of the Tallest Man on Earth’s 2010 release, “The Wild Hunt” (one of my releases of the year, by the way), was the heartbreaking Love Is All.

So there was no way I was not going to post this video of Kristian performing the tune on one of my favourite shows, Later… with Jools Holland.
There are few people that can pull off such a captivating performance that is so stripped-bare… but The Tallest Man on Earth is one of them.

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Kelly Jones, “Maybe Tomorrow” from BBC’s “Later… with Jools Holland”

Included here for no other reason than:

  • It’s Kelly Jones… I mean, c’mon.
  • “Maybe Tomorrow” was always one of my favourite Stereophonics songs.

And, perhaps most importantly…

  • It’s been one of those days, and I’m hoping that… well, maybe tomorrow, you know?

Anyway, watch it below. Taken from the BBC’s “Later… with Jools Holland” show.

You can see more posts where I’ve talked about the “Later…” shows here.

artists guitar live songs music music videos

Later with Jools Holland does it again… The Raconteurs & Bon Iver

Later… with Jools Holland” constantly impresses, and most who have read this blog for any period of time would know my love for the show.

Their most recent show was no surprise. Not only were we treated to The Raconteurs performing “Salute Your Solution” and “Consoler of the Lonely” on the show itself, but in addition, the band performed a wonderful acoustic version of “Many Shades of Black”. While Jack White looks at times like he was slightly out of it, Brendan Benson gives it his all…

And then, if that wasn’t enough, The Racounteurs loan Burgoblog-favourite and fellow “Later…” guest, Bon Iver a guitar, to perform a haunting version of “Flume”

Check out more videos at the BBC site.


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Later with Jools Holland celebrates in style…

One of my favourite music shows, “Later… with Jools Holland“, has just reached a milestone this month, broadcasting it’s 200th episode.
Times Online has a great article about the night in question, and also a bit of background information on the show:

The cake has been sitting all day in the middle of Studio 1 at BBC Television Centre. But only ten minutes before the 200th episode of Later with Jools Holland is due to be recorded does someone realise that lighting 200 candles – and keeping them lit while the studio audience sings Happy Birthday – is easier said than done. The urbane ringmaster of terrestrial music television doesn’t fancy his chances of blowing them out either, at least not without singeing his trademark dapper suit.

Fire extinguishers are mentioned before someone authorised to pronounce on these things decides that “it would be too dangerous”. Top rock combo Radiohead confer in a manner that suggests they didn’t get to where they are today without learning a thing or two about health and safety. Soul diva Mary J. Blige, obviously nonplussed by the drama, walks over to Holland – with whom she appears to be very friendly – and engages him in intense conversation. Meanwhile, in the far corner, two poster girls of alternative America – Cat Power and Leslie Feist – guffaw long and hard at something on Feist’s phone.

And what a cracking guest list they put together for the big occasion. Performances were given by Radiohead, Mary J Blige, Robyn Hitchcock, Cat Power and Feist. The good news is, we’ve managed to snag some of the performances. The bad news? Due to the embedding nature of the BBC videos, if causing some problems with my post. As such, I’ll have to release the videos is separate posts each.

First up will be Radiohead‘s performance of “House of Cards” (from their In Rainbows album) – which only actually happened after the recording of the show had wrapped – is absolutely scintillating.

Radiohead - House of Cards
Radiohead performed “House of Cards” live.

Secondly, Cat Power‘s cover version of “Silver Stallion” is another clip that didn’t actually feature on the main show. Instead, this clip was filmed during a break in rehearsals. Every time I hear her voice, I fall in love with Chan Marshall all over again.

Cat Power - Silver Stallions
Cat Power performed “Silver Stallion” live.

While I would love to include an mp3 of Cat Power’s “Silver Stallion” (which appears on her Jukebox album), her record label is fully against this, which is unfortunate as it’s a cracking tune.
However, I have managed to locate an mp3 version of Radiohead’s live video, “House of Cards”, and you can get this below.

Listen: Radiohead – House of Cards (Live, “Later… with Jools Holland, 1/2/08)


And don’t forget… the videos will be following as two separate posts!!