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Ryan Adams starts a new blog. Chaos ensues.

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams has a new blog. Awesomeness.

Ryan Adams has a new blog. He’s only had it for a day, but has posted 14 times already.

Can I just say how absolutely awesome this is going to be?

I give it a week.


(postscript: don’t take this post the wrong way. Ryan Adams is one of my absolute heroes. But the dude is just full of too much creativity, and when he decides to vent it hell-bent, as he has now, it’s like a tidal wave: huge, powerful, awe-inspiring… but ultimately damaging. But man… this is gonna be one hell of a ride!)


(Post-postscript: Ryan Adams-related, if you haven’t seen this yet, you should. It’s Noel Gallagher performing the Ryan Adams version of his Wonderwall. Covering a cover of a song that he, in fact, originally wrote. Zen much?)