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Drips and Drabs…

Here’s me, not one post earlier, saying that things were going to be quite around here for the next week or two. Yet here I am, putting up a second post today! Truth is, I’ve had an unexpected opening in my schedule, and with a spare hour before my next meeting now, I thought I might as well quickly give a round-up of odds and ends… in case they slip my mind in the coming weeks. So, here you go:

Elvis Perkins in Dearland – Weeping Pilgrim

Elvis PerkinsI only recently was exposed to this song, “Weeping Pilgrim” from Elvis Perkins, which will appear on the forthcoming “Help Me To Sing” compilation album.
What do you need to know about it? Not much… save for the fact that it’s a cracking tune of longing and struggle, that is everything music should be. Seriously. There’s an indomnitable spirit to this song that simply cannot be beaten down. Listen to this and love it.

Listen: Elvis Perkins in Dearland – Weeping Pilgrims

Speaking of Elvis Perkins, I only recently stumbled across a Black Cab Session that featured him, so here it is…




Nate from “The Format” Returns With A New Tune

FunOne of the most popular posts on this blog – not in terms of comments, because… well… there are none – but in terms of pageviews, is my past post about The Format breaking up. ‘Twas a sad day indeed when the talented duo called it quits… but it seems Nate Reuss couldn’t stay away too long, and has popped up again on my radar in a new outfit, simply entitled “fun. In their inaugeral Myspace post, Nate wrote:

The day after The Format had broken up, I already knew that I couldn’t just call it quits. I wasn’t ready to give up music. I had a handful of songs that I was convinced were the best songs I’d written and I don’t think that I would have been able to live with myself if I had just left them to evaporate somewhere in the back of my mind. I don’t even think I had told my mother of the band’s demise before I made the two phone calls that set the amazing events of the past few months in motion.

And with that, he was back. The band currently have a demo up on their Myspace page, called “Benson Hedges” and it’s… well, it’s pretty cool. It’s great to hear Nate’s distinctive voice again, and – most importantly – it sounds like he’s really having fun again.

Listen: fun – Benson Hedges (demo)


Preview of Okkervil River’s new “The Stand Ins” release

Okkervil RiverYou know, I freaking love Jagjaguwar. Any time a label understands the new world that is internet music and engages music bloggers, it gives me the warm fuzzies all over. Jagjaguwar are offering up “Lost Coastlines” – a track from Okkervil River‘s forthcoming “The Stand Ins” album – for free download, which I’ve linked to below.
I have to say, the album was actually leaked a while ago, prior to mastering, and I heard a few tunes from it… and it’s absolutely kicks ass. It’s exactly what we need from Okkervil River, and this track demonstrates why.

Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: Okkervil River – Lost Coastlines



More random links

— Related to the Okkervil River tune above, Dave over at Rawkblog posted possibly one of the best music posts I’ve read all year revolving around Okkervil River’s new release. It’s sheer honesty, and it validates why I’ve had him in my reader for a while. Read it here.

— One of the most prolific music bloggers I know, Matt over at has finally hopped onto the twitter bandwagon. If you’re into that sort of thing, you can follow him here. (Speaking of which, you can also follow me here… if you’re interested).


Ok, seriously, that will be it for a while now. You all play nice now… and, until next time… Be lucky.