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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, in the BBC Studios

So this past Saturday, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals appeared on BBC Radio 2’s Dermot O’Leary show… and man, what a treat we were in for.

It was a short and sweet slot, with only 2 interview segments, and two songs, but those two songs were pure magic. The first was the always-stunning “Fix It” (by the way, if you haven’t seen their performance of this song on Letterman, then head here. Seriously, you need to watch it)… and then straight out of left-field comes a cover of Foo Fighters “Times Like These”. I’m loving the way they perform the song, and it’s actually reminiscent of a way I used to play it at various open mic nights, which probably lends itself to a greater connection with me.

Anyway, I’ve included the entire show including interview segments below, but at the very least, listen to “Fix It” and “Times Like These”. Sheer beauty.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Live on Radio 2

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Chat I
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Fix It
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Chat II
Ryan Adams & The Cardinal – Times Like These