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Mr. A to the Z… yes I’m excited.

Last year was a great year for live shows. After seeing (just to mention a few) Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, The Frames, Jeremy Fisher, Xavier Rudd, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Beautiful Girls and State Radio live, I was looking forward to another great year in 2008.

So it was with much excitement that I discovered my Jason Mraz tickets had arrived in my postbox this morning.

Jason Mraz, I feel, is a much overlooked performer… at least, by the more elitist of music critics. Mainly known for his pop-breakthrough songs, his more jazz-influenced songs have fallen by the wayside for the majority. Which is a shame. His sophisticated phrasing, tonality and wordplay lyrics are something to behold live.

So, I thought to help you share in that “live” feeling, some live clips were called for. The first comes courtesy of the always-amazing French blog, La Blogotheqhue. The concept on La Blogotheque’s “Takeaway Shows” is simple. Take an artist, put them in an urban environment, and tell them to perform. No cuts, no second take; all spontaneous. With a set-up like that, you can tell why La Blogotheque is regularly a must-stop for me online.

This clip sees Jason Mraz performing his song, “Live High” for them, in the streets of France.

The second clip is one of my favourite Jason clips, largely due to the fact that it sees him performing with one of my major musical crushes for the past few years now, Tristan Prettyman. When these two play together, there’s a certain something in the air.


If you enjoyed the clips, Jason’s going to be performing at The Tivoli on 20 March, and I think there are still a few tickets left. And, in fact, Wilco are playing there the night before Jason, and G Love two nights after. It’s a great week for the Tiv, one of my favourite music spots.