Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere

Teaming up with his old posse, the E-Street Band, Bruce Springsteen has released his new single, “Radio Nowhere”, from his latest album, “Magic”.

It’s about bloody time.

Bruce may be on this side of 60 these days, but he’s still standing. And rocking. Emphatically.

The guitar intro and “pounding drums” may sound extremely generic these days and lost in a sea of alt-rock riffs, but as the Boss says… he “Just wants to hear some rhythm”. And it’s great to hear Bruce being pissed off again.

It really, really is.

Anyway, you can check out the new single on his myspace page.

music tech – My new Friend

Ok, so this might not be news to some of you, but to others, it certainly will be.


Online social music sites have definitely blossomed over the last few years, but I always keep my eye out for another to add to the arsenal. Some of my favourites in the past were (the true OG of 2.0 music sites) and

However, what with Pandora having closed its doors to non-US IP addresses (and it just being too much of a bitch to always listen through a proxy), and’s suggestions seeming to deteriorate lately, I’ve now moved on to one of my new best friends online…

Although Finetune’s been around for a while, it’s only recently that I became aware of its existence; all I can say is that it has seriously impressed me within that short time.

The layout and design is simply stunning, and it not only supports the standard “artist radio” of other social music sites, but also allows the user to create custom playlists of specific songs.

Unfortunately damn WordPress won’t let me embed the player here.

However, I would suggest you take a look at a sample playlist… one of mine is at

That’s a snippet of what it looks like. Curse WordPress and its inability to embed this flash player and instead compress the image to make it look crappy!


Anyway, go check it out.


Damien Rice – 9 Crimes

I dare you to find a more raw, honest song that has been released in the last few years.

Although I’ve been listening to the song for a while now, I was only recently exposed to this music video.

Fittingly, considering the song, the video itself leaves me breathless. “That which is lost, that can never be regained”, and all that jazz.
It’s haunting.

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The Damnwells – Golden Days

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a “band documentary” since Last Dispatch, featuring only my favourite band of all time, Dispatch.

This time it’s “Golden Days” that has me in a lather, featuring The Damnwells. And if you haven’t heard their music(there’s some on their myspace), get going man!

Their Golden Days Ep, along with other releases, is available on Amazon.