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Bernard Fanning – Watch Over Me

Ok. So I’m working on a post (or series of posts, not sure yet), which is becoming huge, involving around 30 artists so far. It might take me a few days to get all of this information sorted into something slightly passing as manageable… so, in the meantime, for your auditory and visual pleasure, I present Bernard Fanning, performing “Watch Over Me” live at the Max Sessions in 2005.

This song always gets me; not only have I been a fan of Powderfinger for ages, but this Max Session was playing on tv the first night I arrived in Australia, fresh from South Africa. Not knowing many people out here, not knowing what I was going to do for income, not knowing… well, anything really. I was lost at the time.
And it was great to hear this song.

As a side note, now that I’m based in Brisbane, I’ve passed Bernard on the street at least twice. Each time, I’m like a stuttering fanboy who can’t get anything out. Perhaps next time…

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