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Not music related. But the new Watchmen trailer is out.

Ok. So this is completely not music-related (so if you’re reading this in your feed reader, and you only subscribe for the music goodness, then don’t bother clicking through)… but I would be doing myself a disservice if I were not to post this.

The new Watchmen trailer is out, and it’s got me all in a lather. Anyone who knows me, knows that there are several things that have made my life richer. One of them was Alan Moore’s graphic novel that set the standard for graphic novels… “Watchmen“. It was an absolute apex in the comics form.

And while Hollywood has never been kind to adaptations of Alan Moore’s work… there’s always hope, right?

Check it out below.
(Note: Warner Brothers is taking these down left right and centre, so it might not last long. But the trailers is running before “The Dark Knight” for those who miss out).