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Live Music Friday – Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, live on NPR’s World Cafe

Just so that everyone knows, my iPod has officially given up the ghost, completely and utterly without warning. With most of my music on there, this is severely going to impact posting, and – quite frankly, more importantly – completely bums me out. Anyone want to start a “donate to help Matthew buy another iPod […]

2008 releases artists digital downloads guitar live songs music rock gods

Counting Crows live on WXPN – Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

Thank god for WXPN – as usual they’ve brought the goods with NPR’s latest World Cafe show, featuring Counting Crows live, previewing eight (yes, I said eight) songs from their forthcoming album, Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings. (Counting Crows previewed Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings on WXPN World Cafe) We’ve already previewed some of the […]