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Radiohead and Farryl Purkiss

Unfortunately this will have to be a quickie today (no matter how mature you get, that line always gives a twinge of a chuckle), but time waits for no man!

So, quickly:

The news has spread that Radiohead have placed a price on their new album, “In Rainbows”. The price? Whatever you want to pay for it. That’s right, you choose the price you wish to pay for the album – including free – which will be available for download from the website from the 10th of October.
All we can say is: We hope this won’t be abused. It’s a fantastic step, and one we hope many bands follow.
Also, they’re doing this all without the support of a music label, ala Dispatch.
Crumble stagnant music industry, crumble I say!

Secondly, we recently dug out our copy of Farryl Purkiss’ self-titled CD… we highly suggest you give him a spin on his myspace page. Do it.

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