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Nathaniel Hoho… Under The Radar.

So quite often, people will email me about an artist that I “absolutely need to hear”. Some are… well, ok. Some are good. Some are great. And some are special. And if it wasn’t for the fans emailing me, I might have missed out and never heard these tunes.
So that’s the reason why I’m starting a new column today on this blog: “Under The Radar”.

Under The Radar

“Under The Radar” is a column for those treasures that might have somehow passed unknown, were it not for the fans and their emails alerting me to their favourite artists. In other words… keep those emails coming!
Today, for the inaugeral column, we’ll be featuring the – quite frankly – fantastic Nathaniel Hoho.

Nathaniel Hoho
Nathaniel Hoho (Image Credit: Rachel Leah)

Nathaniel Hoho is doing it the old-fashioned way, and paying his dues. Constantly gigging for pretty much two years now – packed in a tiny car with suitcases on the road – he’s spreading the good word about his tunes to anyone who will listen; and it’s obviously working, as evidenced by this post.

The first thing I noticed when I was exposed to Nathaniel’s music is the sheer versatility; not only as a songwriter, but also as a performer. As Nathaniel himself said:

“I’ve been playing music since I’ve been about 10 years old. As a musician I can always recreate who I am and how the world perceives me.”

Nathaniel has the type of voice that seems to be comfortable with whatever you can throw at it. Sometimes soft and tender; sometimes manic and desperate; there really is a strength to his voice that pulls you in and holds you. The songs themselves have a habit of sinking deep under your skin… the more you listen to them, the more they connect, slowly but surely becoming “must-haves” on your playlists.

I had some major troubles trying to decide on which songs of his to showcase in this post, as pretty much all of the ones I heard, I fell in love with. So eventually, I decided to settle on three songs; each very different in terms of style and feel, but with one common factor… they absolutely kickass. After getting in touch with Nathaniel, I asked him for a bit of a background on each of the songs…

Listen. Love. Support.

Nathaniel Hoho – Nightmares

The first song is Nathaniel’s “Nightmares”. Written in 2005, “Nightmares” has possibly my favourite progression of any of Nathaniel Hoho’s music that I’ve heard to date. I defy you to listen to this song and then not be humming that chorus later in the day. It truly is an infectious tune. In Nathaniel’s words:

Nightmares was written in 2005 . I lived with a photographer, screen writer and another musician at the time. People were always creating and the air was filled with inspiration and art. I couldn’t sleep so I rolled out of bed and started playing the progression on my guitar. I wrote down the first two verses and a chorus and went back to sleep. When I woke up i saw my note book lying beside me with the song written. I finished the song that day and it’s been a favorite of mine since […] That night I played it for a party of people. A cop showed up because the window was open. Everyone who was underage split. I was standing in the back letting the owner of the house resolve the issue… the officer said he wanted to talk to the kid that was playing the guitar… I walked out nervously. He
shook my hand and told me to keep up the good work that i had a great voice. Then he walked out the door and left. Talk about relief.

Listen: Nathaniel Hoho – Nightmares

Nathaniel Hoho & Rachel Leah – What’s On Your Mind?

Nathaniel Hoho and Rachel Leah
Nathaniel Hoho and Rachel Leah

The second song, “What’s On Your Mind?”, is a duet with Rachel Leah. A sultry song that hearkens back to smoky jazz clubs – the kind where the barman knows your name and choice of poison – there is a chemistry in this song that is impossible to ignore.
The first time I heard the tune, I thought to myself that Nathaniel and Rachel must have some history, at least. Chemistry like that you simply can’t fake, no matter how good you are at performing. So it was a pleasant surprise to learn that I was actually right…


Aside from being an amazing songwriter Rachel Leah is also my girlfriend.
I had been playing the progression and humming the melody over and over in my head. I wanted the song to reflect the early 1900’s , I thought it would be cool to base the lyrics off of what could be a scene in Citizen Kane. It was perfect… Rachel and I could each sing and tell a story through hearing our banter, just like a scene in a movie. I told her the idea and she was really excited… a few weeks later we sat down and wrote the song straight through. A few weeks from that point we made a video. The song has yet to be offically released and may just remain a B-side. For now we the song and video are available at both her and my myspace.

I sincerely hope that “What’s On Your Mind” gets an official release one day. A song as hot as this one needs to be heard. Tell me that you aren’t snapping your fingers when you listen to this.

Listen: Nathaniel Hoho – What’s On Your Mind? (with Rachel Leah)

Nathaniel Hoho – Sir William

The third and final song is again completely different to the previous two. “Sir William”, penned in 2006, sounds like a track that would be comfortable on a Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco release. An angry song, it’s one that I really connect with. So what was it inspired by?


Sir William was written in the Summer of ’06. I had been playing in a band, and they kicked me out. I was fighting with my girlfriend. That’s where the first two verses came from.

“Alexiandra, Queen of Freedom play me your piano song.
Criminal Cravings Creeping Conniving to get whatever you want.
You’re such a pretty girl.”

… being my girlfriend troubles and then…

“Sell me sir William, you can use us we are all just thieves at heart.
I once was chasing, now you’re trailing me along side of your gentle knights .
You’re such a lazy boy.”

I lived with the guy ( sir william)… I was in the band with him and two other guys. I took the band really seriously and was pretty worked up when they threw me out. It was my way of saying, “You’ll regret this. I’ll show you I’m going to do more with my music.
The rest of the song is a reflection of me feeling like they did something wrong and that what comes around goes around. I kind of masked this with the metaphor of a king and queen who treated their people badly and were then taken over and justice was served. “Freedom is Free”

Listen: Nathaniel Hoho – Sir William

Nathaniel Hoho
Nathaniel Hoho (credit Jess Davis)

So, what’s the “Under The Radar” wrap-up then? Well…

There are times in this gig when I hear a cat’s music, and I just know he’s going to go places. I get that feeling about Nathaniel Hoho. There’s a sincerity to his tunes that you don’t often hear these days. While it’s still early days for him – and I have no doubt that he’ll only continue to grow – I have a feeling that there’s still potential unleashed here. I’m not sure that he’s quite reached “that point” yet… but he’s certainly well on his way.

So I have no doubt that his songs will be given major releases one day. Major releases. Until that time, however, I’m happy to keep spreading the word about him one-by-one, the old-fashioned way.
After all, that’s the way it should be. Nathaniel Hoho is paying his dues. And, let’s be honest…. One day I’m going to be able to look back at this post, and say, “I told you so”.

Nathaniel’s debut EP, “Wait Until The Story Ends” is now available (check out the link for a list of retailers, and don’t forget to hear and download more of his songs at his Myspace page), and he’s currently working on his full-length debut album. Needless to say, I’m definitely going to be waiting for that with much anticipation.

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Ryan Adams is a maniac…

Ryan Adams is a maniac. The output on his blog (mentioned back here… so if you haven’t yet subscribed to his RSS feed, I don’t want to talk to you anymore) is ridiculously fast-flowing. Given the prolific nature of Ryan, this shouldn’t come as a surprise… after all, this is the guy who has, in the last 7 years, released 11 albums; and that’s not including his sterling work with all time greats, Whiskeytown.

Anyway, this is just really a short post to remind you that there are some gems coming up on that blog, if you don’t mind sifting through the 14 entries a day. For example, take this video:

“THURSDAY NIGHT” from Ryan Adams on Vimeo.

As Ryan says of the video:

I spent the afternoon making a movie about things I loved this week, people I love all the time, folks I admire, and my exciting planned excursion out of “Cave of Where Jams Are Born” also known as, “bedroom”/ that’s right folks, that’s where even that black magic comes from. (makes gagging sound, loses more ability to discern reality from fiction, pets Darryl Hanna Robot the cat)

Enjoy. Oh, I made the jam too. did the whole thing. Thanks to my pals for providing the photos. Lovely stuff everyone

So, basically the guy put this – more creativity than I’ve managed to come up with in a month – together in an afternoon. Jam included. A song he wrote to pass the time.

It’s official. The dude just shits creativity, and his bowels are hyperactive. I’m jealous.

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Pennywise new album “Reason To Believe”… free through Myspace.

Pennywise’s new album, “Reason To Believe”, is out now on Myspace.

Although you probably wouldn’t know it much reading through the posts on this blog, I used to be into punk. And I mean big into punk. For a few years there, it was all I cared about. Nowadays, only certain punk bands have made it into my mainstays… The Clash, Rancid, The Stooges, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Bad Religion and a few select others. However, while they may not have made that list, Pennywise still hold a special place in my heart. So it was with much interest that I found out they were releasing their album – for free! – on Myspace. (side note… how often have we seen these types of releases around here lately… quite a few, it seems).

And so on the 25th, when the album went live, I rushed to download it. And it’s only been a cursory few spins so far in the last few days, but so far… I’m liking it.
I mean, let’s be honest here… Pennywise know what their fans like. And as soon as they nailed it, they were hardly going to mess with a winning formula. So the album isn’t anything startlingly ground-breaking from them. While it doesn’t hit the highs of “Unknown Road” or “Straight Ahead“, and doesn’t feature a “Bro Hymn” or “Alien” equivalent, it’s still well worth a listen.

“Bro Hymn” by Pennywise has become something of a punk anthem.

Anyway, I’ve been out of the punk scene for far too long to get into the album in detail here. But I definitely think it’s well worth your time. If you’d like a download copy of the new album, “Reason To Believe“, what you’ll need to do is go to Pennywise’s Myspace page, and click on the album link. It requires you to add “Textango” (a mobile music distibutor, who is releasing the album in partnership with Myspace) as a friend. It promises “no spam, no tricks, no bullshit“… and so far, they’ve held to their word. Adding them as a friend is a requirement to download the album though, so no add… no album. I hate this kind of marketing, as you always feel they’re going to screw you with spam, so I leave it up to you to make the choice.

If you need to hear something first though…

Listen: Pennywise – It’s Not Enough To Believe (from new album, “Reason To Believe”)

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Consolers of the Lonely by The Raconteurs

… is out. And damn, it’s hot.

The Raconteurs
The Raconteurs new album, “Consolers of the Lonely” is out now.

As much as I hate bowing to the Websheriff, after reading of the heckling that’s going on regarding this release here, here and here, I think it might be easier not to post a song.

But, if you can get your hands on this album, do it. If only for the cracking tune, “Carolina Drama“… it’s one of the more exciting tunes I’ve heard from The Raconteurs to date.

Of course, this is a pretty premature evaluation; after all, I’ve only had my hands on this for the last few days… but so far, I’m digging it. While Jack White, Brendan Benson and Co. certainly have their hit and miss moments throughout the album – “Pull This Blanket Off” is an especially needless meandering, and some songs such as “Rich Kid Blues” (although the last minute of this song pulls it back from the brink for me) and “These Stones Will Shout” sound particularly done-by-the-numbers – songs such as “Carolina Drama“, “Salute Your Solution” and “You Don’t Understand Me” more than redeem for these “skip-through” tracks.

“Consolers of the Lonely” is definitely Jack White’s release. Although Brendan Benson’s influence is there – particularly on the aforementioned “You Don’t Understand Me”, it would be great if his input matched up to Jack’s here. That’s just an impression after a few listens, so feel free to disagree with that. But I think it would be tough for anyone to stand aside such a huge musical force as Jack White, even Brendan Benson; so it’s not so much a criticism, just an observation.

Anyway, as I say… unfortunately I won’t be posting any songs from the album today. But Consolers Of The Lonely is out now on XL/Warner. You can purchase and download it at the band’s site.

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G Love and Ozomatli… at the Tivoli.

So after a few days off down the coast, I know this entry is popping up late; but on Sunday evening, I accomplished one more of my “band goals”, with a night at the Tivoli. This entry is being composed on the long train back to Brisbane… so excuse some grammatical errors, which I have no doubt will pop up.
Thanks to some free tickets from Chugg Entertainment, a few of us were lucky enough to see G Love and Special Sauce, with supporting act Ozomatli rock the hell out of Brisbane. All in all, it was a great night, so I’ll jump straight in.

(Aside: One more apology for the terrible pictures from a crappy phone and lack of notes including set-list. The G Love night kind of took me by surprise, so I wasn’t exactly kitted out…)


Ozomatli performed an incendiary set at the Tivoli in Brisbane

Arriving sometime just before 9pm, we were lucky to get in just as Ozomatli were starting up. Unfortunately this means that we got there too late to see local opening act, Shoebox. I haven’t seen these guys before, but if anyone was there for their set, please drop a comment below and let us know how it went.
Unfortunately the Tiv wasn’t exactly packed to capacity on Sunday; in fact, they even closed off the upper section… there were those kind of numbers. I suspect that a lot of that had to do with the fact that Bluesfest was on the same weekend, and both G Love and Ozomatli had performed there the night before. That said, those who didn’t make it out that night truly missed something special. So while the numbers weren’t huge, we were still greeted by an absolute sea of fans, all grooving to Ozomatli’s beats, when we walked through the front doors.

Ozomatli at the Tivoli
Ozomatli killing it at The Tivoli

While I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never been a huge fan of Ozomatli’s recorded work, seeing them live certainly changed my opinion of them. There is this ridiculously infectious feel to their live performance; a sheer joy that spreads from them, on the stage, throughout the crowd and the venue. The sheer numbers up on stage ensures an inevitably chaotic feel to the set; but it’s a chaos of abandon and fun; of friendship and sharing. Ultimately, Ozomatli started one of the best conversations I’ve ever seen between an artist and it’s fans. And it was great. Within the first 30 seconds of arriving, we were jiving to their killer beats.

Ozomatli at the Tivoli
Ozomatli had the crowd jiving to their tunes

Performing mainstays such as “After Party”, “Can’t Stop” and “City of Angels”, Ozomatli had the crowd constantly moving. And – in one of the firsts for me at The Tivoli – as they reached the end of their set, members began climbing off the stage, taking their instruments with them, and leading the crowd on a merry conga line around the venue. It really was like watching the Pied Pipers of Hamlin leading the children to a better place. And, as they ended their last song standing in the entrance hall of the Tivoli, it truly felt like we had entered that better place. If only for a fleeting moment, music did what all great music should do: broke down the walls.

And the people of the world say…
Oye Baby
Oye Mami
Donde Esta La Afterparty

– Ozomatli, “After Party”

Sheffer Bruton of Ozomatli
Sheffer Bruton after the set

After the set, I was lucky to catch up with trombonist Sheffer Bruton and snapped a picture of him with a friend (there you go Sophie, you made the blog). Although time was limited and there were only fleeting comments – after all, there were several scantliy-clad girl looking to make his acquaintance – the guy seemed really humble and gracious about everything.
Put it this way… I’m a fan.

Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: Ozomatli – After Party

G Love

G Love
G Love and Special Sauce put on an amazing show at the Tivoli in Brisbane

I think I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve been aching to see G Love perform live.
Counting back to the first time my friend turned me onto his tunes, I can say that it’s – at least – over the 10 year mark.
G Love is, to me, one of the most complete musicians of my era. While his brand of blues and funk sometimes seems interminable to those who need their songs packaged into 3:30 min format, to me G Love hearkens back to a time when a blues man knew what he was talking about. When a blues man paid his respects to those who came before him, but produced more than homage; an innovator. And someone slightly out of step with time. All this may not seem obvious when seeing G Love from the outside; after all, he’s an easy-going guy, who’s songs often deals with frivolous topics. But I think underneath that there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience. In short, a hip, hip cat. And that’s G Love to a tee.

G Love at the Tivoli
G Love giving it to the Tivoli.

While the energy that Ozomatli instilled in the crowd seemed to dissipate somewhat when G came on stage, the set was no less incendiary. Opening up with a killer rendition of “Back of the Bus”, Garrett was definitely on it that night, as were the rest of the band. “Honour and Harmony” was probably the one song I wanted to hear most out of the set, and when it came on, it was sheer bliss. When a band like G Love and Special Sauce is on it, they are on it. It’s like a constant play between instruments; slick, flawless, and playful, these were guys who were jamming on a different plane. And, when “Holla!” came around, I’m pretty sure – at least, going by pretty much every girl in earshot – every girl within 5 miles of Garrett had decided that he was pretty much the sexiest guy ever. The fact that he was blowing a mean-ass harp throughout the night probably didn’t hurt matters much.

G Love and Ozomatli at The Tivoli
G Love and several members of Ozomatli up on stage

G Love then called up Raul, from Ozomatli, to join him for an outstanding, dulcet-toned performance of “Take You There”, and from then on, the crowd really did join in for a crazy trip… the band certainly had taken everyone there. From “Take You There”, the band then played a blistering “Hot Cookin’” – paying homage to blues in the best way, with a harmonica killing it. G Love and band then launched into possibly the highlight of the night for me. A medley of tunes, the band performed a line-up including “Blues Music”, Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side”, and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?”. Going on for near to 15 minutes, I think this was the most contagious moment I have ever experienced at The Tivoli, bar none. The crowd was moving up and down, breaking crests in time with the beats; if I took one thing away from the night, it will be that special feeling during that performance. I think it will probably be a mainstay of my favourite “concert moments” for years to come.

A collection of the people
Who started it all
I reckon
I kept them
In my sock like money
Blues music…

– G Love, “Blues Music”

After that, Sheffer from Ozomatli was called back up to help perform what was undoubtedly the crowd favourite of the night, “Cold Beverages”. Again, a song that went near the 10 minute mark, it was jamming at its pure best. With the crowd still surging and yelling out the lyrics, it was the perfect way to close what can only be described as an incredible set.

G Love closes the set, solo
G Love closes the set.

Of course, there was an encore. Coming back onto the stage solo and seating himself upon a stool, G Love performed one more tune: “Still Hangin’ Around”. And as long as he can put on performances like Sundays, there’s no doubt that G Love’s fan will be hangin’ around for a long time to come.

Listen: G Love and Special Sauce – Back Of The Bus (live)

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Mr A to the Z and Friends… at the Tivoli.

So last night, I went to another show.

If I was to give you clues as to the show, I would probably say:

1) The performer absolutely wails on guitar.
2) The performer has probably the most pure voice you’ll ever hear. Able to leap and soar in ways uncommon in contemporary music.
3) The performer has some of the best grasp of wordplay this side of Speechwriters LLC.

Of course, by the third clue – and of course the title of the post – you would know that I’m talking about the one and only Jason Mraz. Last night, Jason performed at the Tivoli, along with opening acts Hayley Sales and Gregory Page. And man, was it a killer night.

Hayley Sales

Hayley Sales
Hayley Sales belted out and awesome set at the Tivoli in Brisbane

Hayley Sales opened up the night, at about 8pm. This was a tough slot, as most people there – me included – had not heard Hayley before, and a number of people seemed impatient to jump straight to Jason’s slot. So when Hayley started out with her first tune, the floor wasn’t exactly what you’d call packed. That all changed when her first chords struck out on the guitar.

(Aside: I have to apologise here. I didn’t manage to make notes for last night, as I did with my Jack Johnson recap, so I’m not 100% sure of the opening songs, or the order. I’m pretty sure that she started out with Jailcell Mind, but if anyone else was there feel free to correct me. Throughout this entire entry, I’m sure.)

Hayley has one of the most powerful voices I think I’ve heard in years. There’s a real versatility to it as well; one minute it can be a husky whisper, sexy as all hell… the next a powerful, intimidating force. She also has this really fun vibe up on stage; I think that while most people were a bit skeptical at first of this lone girl up on stage, after a few minutes under her sunny smile and contagious grooves, you couldn’t help but get into the joy of the set.

Hayley didn’t perform the entire set alone though. She called up Toca Rivera – the percussionist/singer from Jason’s band – to perform with her for about 3 or so songs. And she also called up Jason to finish the set, with an absolutely amazing performance of “Keep Driving“.

Hayley Sales, Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera - The Tivoli
Hayley, Jason and Toca perform “Keep Driving” at the Tivoli

(Aside #2: Excuse the “phone-camera” quality pictures. They look like that because… well… they were taken with a crappy phone).

The performance of “Keep Driving” had the entire crowd singing along. And anyone who was there will be able to attest to the fact that Hayley’s closing note, held with clarity and power, was undoubtedly one of the highest notes we’ve ever heard at the Tivoli. There was a shocked silence before outrageous clapping and cheering. Nice one Hayley.

Highlights? “Jailcell Mind”, simply because it took everyone by surprise. “Keep Driving”, for that stunning last note and great interplay between Jason and Hayley. And also the cracking tune, “Only What You Want“. All in all, a great set, and someone I’ll be sure to keep an eye on in the future.

Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: Hayley Sales – Only What You Want
Listen: Hayley Sales – Keep Driving

Gregory Page

Gregory Page - The Tivoli
Gregory Page performed perhaps one of my favourite sets at the Tivoli

Next up was Gregory Page. Now, unlike Hayley, I had actually heard of Gregory Page before. But I was unsure how his minimalist style would go down with this crowd. Gregory’s music is a strange creature; obviously there’s the well-known minimalist feel to it, but it’s a deceptive minimalism… there’s so much more going on under the surface that you sometimes feel you could drown in it.

I think some people were bewildered by Gregory, but these people were certainly in the minority, as there was a great feeling about his set. He opened with perhaps my favourite song of his, “Sleeping Dogs“. There’s a pain in this song that simply does not let you go, while at the same time an aching beauty to it. Sleeping Dogs was possibly my favourite song of the night, point-blank… all songs included.

“It’s so cold here, in my bed without my love
I cover my emotions, I’m half dead
And the hours laid as the memories still haunts me, and it’s tearing me apart
There are fireworks exploding in my heart”

– Gregory Page, “Sleeping Dogs”

Gregory Page and Jason Mraz at the Tivoli
Gregory Page and Jason Mraz at the Tivoli in Brisbane

Gregory also called Jason up for a tune. I learned later in the night that Gregory Page had actually given Jason Mraz his first break, when he invited Jason to open for him; and this long-time partnership was clear in their synergy that night. Truly, a great performance. There is a phone-quality vid of the performance; but I warn you: I include this here solely for those die-hard fans who need to see this kind of thing. The sound and picture quality is terrible, so skip this if you aren’t one of those die-hards. The song only actually begins in earnest around 1:00 in.

Highlights? Obviously the aforementioned “Sleeping Dogs”, and the stunning “Knife in My Chest“. While I’m sure that Gregory’s music is not for everyone, he certainly has a stalwart fan in me.

Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: Gregory Page – Sleeping Dogs
Listen: Gregory Page – Knife In My Chest

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz
Jason Mraz performed to a great crowd at the Tivoli.

By the time Jason and the full band made it onto the stage, the crowd was absolutely rabid. Launching straight into a killer rendition of “Mr Curiosity“, Jason had them eating out of his hand from the get-go. The thing that always astounds me about Jason, apart from the stunning wordplay of course, is the clarity in his voice. There is a purity there that I find hard to give a comparison point; simply because there is no comparison. This is a voice that truly can fly at the drop of a hat. And it never gets any less amazing. And Jason showed it off in fine form with this song, slipping between operatic and playful towards the end. It really was a great way to start off the set.

Jason Mraz and band at The Tivoli in Brisbane
Jason Mraz and band at The Tivoli in Brisbane

About 3 songs in, Jason and band launched into “Cannabis College“, and of course the crowd exploded. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a live show where this song hasn’t had the entire joint jumping. Funniest point of the night? When the dude next to me leaned in to his mate – with about 30 seconds of the song left – and said to him: “This song is hilarious mate. It’s all about smoking weed!!“. Thank you, Captain Obvious, for the hilarity that ensued.
Of course, that excitement was only carried through when the obligatory, “The Remedy” made it’s appearance.

The rest of the set was, as usual, polished brilliance. From the tender rendition of “Love For A Child“, through to the duets with Hayley, and later Gregory, the night was a true conversation between artists and audience.

My friend managed to snag a few seconds of “Sleep All Day” on his phone… although it’s only 58 seconds of the song, I’ve included it below as the sound and image quality is far better than the clip I posted above; that, and also it’s simply a cracking tune that went down a storm on the night.

Again; highlights of the set? Tough to say, but if pushed I would say the following songs were standouts, for me at least:

“Mr Curiosity”, “Love For A Child”, “Tonight, Not Again“, “Sleep All Day”, “Live High” (which I posted a video of here), and the closer, “I’m Yours“, which also went into medley including Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”, and it’s refrain of, “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘coz every little thing gonna be alright!”.

It certainly seemed that, at the end of the night, everyone agreed that everything was, in fact, more than alright. It was perfection. The only thing that I was hoping for, that never transpired, would have been a performance of “The Dream Life of Rand McNally“. But hey, you can’t have everything.

Thanks Jason and Co, for sharing the night with us. It was awesome being involved.

Listen: Jason Mraz – I’m Yours (live)
Listen: Jason Mraz – Dream Life of Rand McNally (live)

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Sun Kil Moon – April. Streaming over a Myspace near you…

This will be quite a quickie, but I’ve just seen that the latest Sun Kil Moon album, “April“, is now streaming over at Myspace, for the next two days only.

Sun Kil Moon - Mark Kozelek
Sun Kil Moon – Mark Kozelek

If you haven’t heard any tracks off the forthcoming “April” album, head over that way and take a listen. Sun Kil Moon, for those of you who don’t know, is the project of Mark Kozelek, best known for his work with previous band, Red House Painters.
If that wasn’t credentials enough for you to be clicking over to listen already, then add this to the mix: “April” features guest vocals from Will Oldham (yes, that Will Oldham… a.k.a. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) and Ben Gibbard.

You know, I can’t believe you’re still here…

What? You need more convincing? Ok then… here:

Listen: Sun Kil Moon – Lost Verses (from forthcoming “April” album)

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Yeasayer – No Need To Worry/Redcave… I was wrong.

I’ll admit it. I haven’t been a fan of Yeasayer at all. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely talent there; intelligent lyrics, great harmonies… I’m not denying that’s there. But, listening to their recorded material, it’s just always been too much for me. Those were my exact words: “Too much”.

So it was great to see that Vincent Moon, of the always impeccable La Blogotheque, had the same reaction. As he stated:

When I saw them in Brooklyn, Yeasayer puzzled me, weird outfit, gimmicks from the 80s, crazy flights, it was all too much. When I listened to the record, it was worst: I couldn’t bear the layers, synthesizers, exaggerated reverberation. That evening, I hardly regretted missing the show, despite the amazed faces of those who were leaving the venue.


However, as oft happens with La Blogotheque’s “Takeaway Shows“, seeing the band perform live and impromptu might just have changed my – and Vince’s – mind.
Take a look at the below video, of them performing “No Need To Worry” and “Redcave“. “No Need To Worry” – which only actually kicks in about 1:30 into the video – is, quite simply, sublime.

While the video’s included below, I would really suggest you click through on the link above, to read Vincent Moon’s – he’s the director of the music video – account of the night. It’s inspiring. There’s also a second video there, with a stunning performance of their track “2080“.

I’m not about to buy any of Yeasayer’s albums. At least, not just yet. But this has certainly changed my view of them.