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Ryan Adams says goodbye to Foggy…

… and although we’ve heard this before, I think it’s for real this time.

Ryan Adams says goodbye to Foggy…
Ryan Adams says goodbye to Foggy in his latest post…

This follows an earlier post today where Ryan wrote:

“The Sad Truth Is This Blog, It’s What Happens When One Day You Don’t Have That Person You Talk To Everyday Anymore. They Leave. Any You Get Desperate. And Pathetic. And You Don’t Know Who To Talk To. Life Goes On Without You. That Is What This Is. This Is A Horrible Loneliness. I Hate It. I Hate It So Much I Do It Every Fucking Day.”

Ryan’s blog was one of the most creative things to hit the music blogosphere in years. So… again: We’ll miss you Foggy.

(side note: I know it’s been quiet and this is an unacceptable first post after a week away, but things were/are ridiculously busy after my week in Sydney. Regular posting will resume soon… I promise.)


Edit: Well, that didn’t take long. There’s yet another post up, where Ryan posted this 20 minute video. Something tell me this is going to be a lingering goodbye…

Edit #2: Again… that didn’t take long. Ryan’s since deleted the video. Sorry folks.

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