Monkey Swallows The Universe – Sheffield Shanty and Bloodline

Monkey Swallows the Universe
Monkey Swallows The Universe

This will be a micro-blog today, but I just wanted to drop a quick line regarding a band that was just recently brought to my attention (full props for that go to the Makak Man – that’s his stumbleupon page… thanks mate), Monkey Swallows The Universe.

Monkey Swallows The Universe
(henceforth known on this blog as MSTU), are an intriguing five piece acoustic outfit from – where else? – Sheffield. Singer and songwriter for MSTU, Nat Johnson, has this ability to write fantastical, catchy tunes that – more often than not – are slightly disturbing if you pay attention to the lyrics. Take for instance their song, “Jimmy In The Well”; a tune about saving someone’s life and then demanding their eternal allegiance in repayment. In one word, I find her… fascinating.

The two tunes I’ve decided to include below are “Sheffield Shanty“, and “Bloodline“. “Sheffield Shanty” is a jaunty pirate dittyI know, I never thought I would be writing those words here either – that quite apart from it’s haunting beauty, also manages to pilfer (in true pirate fashion) from the Paul Simon song, “You Can Call Me Al”, and gets away with it. It’s a swoonsome lullaby that you’ll need to listen to over and over again.
The second, “Bloodline”, is a beefier, more mainstream tune from them… but nonetheless is a cracking tune, with haunting imagery:

These years of mine run red like a bloodline if I was the last son
Prostrate, I wait, but silence is not for me – I shout til they come

Oh stop leaving my heart on the ground
Oh stop needing my eyes to follow you around
Oh stop leaving me behind
– Monkey Swallows the Universe, “Bloodline”

Listen. Love. Support.

Listen: Monkey Swallows The Universe – Sheffield Shanty
Listen: Monkey Swallows The Universe – Bloodline

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Have to agree with you and that bloke who brought them to your attention, they’re ruddy good! Great name too ;)

BTW I prefer Arial for the body copy, easier to read than a serif font.

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