Coldplay release their new single, Violet Hill, for free download…

Coldplay have just released their new single, Violet Hill
Coldplay have just released their new single, Violet Hill as a free download

This is a very short post… more a heads up really… but if there are any Coldplay fans amongst my readers, the band yesterday released their new single, “Violet Hill”, from their upcoming album “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends“, which is due out June 12.

To download the single, head to their site here, and follow the instructions.

I’m not going to comment to much on the song itself yet, because, frankly, it’s still too early. I will say for now that Chris Martin still has that quality in his voice that can pull a listener in; but it just doesn’t hit me quite where it should.

Still… I’ve been wrong before. Time will tell.


Edit: I’ve just noticed that addictedtovinyl covered this story yesterday, and is offering up the mp3 for those who have trouble connecting to the official site.



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  1. April 30, 2008

    Hey, thanks for the comment! Love the new look! Keep them coming… Cheers,


  2. Rachel
    April 30, 2008


    I totally agree with you…time will tell :) I was a bit disappointed last night in listening to Violet Hill as well. Actually, more than a bit. Coldplay’s always done it for me. But who knows? I’ve heard their Viva la Vida is bringing new things to the table…So I guess we’ll just keep our hearts open for their lightning to strike.

    Take care.

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