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The world needs you. Yes. You.

I’ll be blunt here… I’m not usually a huge fan of Daughtry‘s music. But, in my opinion, anything that references Brad Corrigan‘s “Love, Light & Melody” organisation (see a short appearance around 1:52 below) deserves to be spread around. So, below… the video for Daughtry’s “What About Now?

Brad Corrigan (who long-time readers of this blog would recognise from past posts as a member of one of my all-time favourite bands, Dispatch) founded the Love, Light and Melody organisation in 2007, after playing a benefit concert in in Managua, Nicaragua in 2005. While on this trip, he was introduced to the severe poverty that exists in the city of Managua. The city’s trash dump is not just a mountain of garbage: it is literally home to hundreds of people who depend on the trash for their livelihood, their food, and their shelter.

As the Love Light and Melody site says:

Love Light & Melody embraces Brad’s powerfully simple concept: “When you walk with someone you’re saying to them, ‘I am with you.’ We can walk in hell and not have fear.” Each year, the organization invites friends, family, and college students to join them for Dia de Luz, to celebrate a profound love conquering hate, a beautiful light overcoming darkness, and a resounding melody breaking silence.

If you can help support this cause, in any way… I urge you to do so. Love Light and Melody’s “Donate” page is here (donations are tax-deductible up to 50% of adjusted gross income… and they accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or eCheck; so it really couldn’t be easier); you can learn more about them here; and you can see the trailer for their new documentary film “Dia de Luz” – scheduled for release in Fall 2008 – “which chronicles this epic celebration of life in the trash dump” – here.

Finally, their homepage, with haunting images, is here.

Please. Do something.

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