So I’m back…

Burgo at Vanuatu
Burgo – Mele Cascade, Vanuatu

and it was great. Although we were extremely unlucky with weather (ie. it rained every. single. day. except for one day, which was overcast), it was still a wonderful holiday filled with wonderful people. I’ll have an update with more details over on my personal blog at sometime within the next week or two.

Keeping this strictly music-related though,  I’m catching up on some random events that occurred while I was offline:

– Yesterday was the anniversary of Elliott Smith’s passing. Five years on, and it’s still a dark day for me. Wherever you are, Elliott, I hope it’s wonderful.
Listen: Elliott Smith – Between the Bars

– Diana from Madmuse dropped me a line to let me know that the video for Bill Madden’s “Unfair” track (which was featured on this blog here) has been released into the wild. I’ve included it below. It’s… well, I’m not sure it lives up to the track itself, but it’s still worth watching.

– Zane from Amiestreet let me know that “Brett Dennen and have teamed up to bring fans his highly anticipated new album, Hope for the Hopeless, as a special $5 pre-order — with all proceeds going to benefit Brett’s favorite charity, The Mosaic Project, a non-profit dedicated to youth-empowerment and education.“.
I’ll be featuring a review of the album in the next few days, but I wanted to post this now as the charity preorder is running until the 27th October, so there’s only a few days left.

Brett Dennen was one of the first artists I featured on this blog, so I’m looking forward to reviewing the album sometime within the next week. Watch this space.

– I also noted that my “South African Bands you MUST hear!” post has been sparking some interesting discussion in the comments, with my musical taste being questioned more than once. Heh. I love it when readers swear at me.

… and there’s still a mountain of emails that I have yet to check, so I promise I’ll get through those within the next week or two. Hope you all behaved while I was away.

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