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Ryan Adams, Holiday Home Jams

So over the last four days, Ryan Adams has been busy on Youtube (see the Cards’ ‘Tube profile here), uploading “home jams” of some of his past songs. Given that he uploaded yet another one, “Cobwebs”, only 8 hours ago, I started thinking… well, how many more of these does he plan to do? So, I thought it might be interesting to put all the new videos in one post, and update it as more become available. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are the videos that Ryan has uploaded to his “Holiday Home Jams” playlist thus far. I’ll update the post as more become available, or you can just follow his playlist here.

As of Tuesday, 9 December, 2008:

Released: 4 Days Ago

Released: 3 Days Ago

Released: 2 Days Ago

Born Into A Light
Released: 1 Day Ago

Released: 8 hours Ago


Updated December 11

A Natural Ghost
1 Day Ago


Updated December 15

4 Days Ago

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