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Jeremy Enigk – Mind Idea

Jeremy Enigk (image credit: Mark Swanson)

Jeremy Enigk has always been an artist that has fascinated me. Not only because of his work with the highly touted Sunny Day Real Estate, but also because his solo debut, “The Return of the Frog Queen” from 1996 was an album that challenged my perception of what pop music could be. And, of course, “Don’t Go Racing” still rates as one of my favourite songs of all time.

So it’s fair to say that Jeremy Enigk has a special place in my heart. Which is why he always has a tough time of it when he releases new music. I hold him to a standard that few others are subjected to. It’s not fair, no… but it’s the way it is.

And that is why I was so happy to hear the track, “Mind Idea” from Jeremy’s upcoming album, “OK Bear”. It’s just over 2 and a half minutes of Jeremy at his best: vocals that soar, imagery that captures… and a force that hits you in the chest.

In other words… hooray.

OK Bear is out today.

Listen: Jeremy Enigk – Mind Idea

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