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A love letter to aKING

I’ve written about aKING here on Burgo’s Music Blog before. Heck, at the time (nearly 2 years ago!) I called them “South Africa’s next big thing. So why, you might ask yourself, am I devoting another blog post to this band from South Africa? Is it because they’ve released another album, or done something particularly noteworthy recently?

Well, ok, they have actually released another album since that last post, called “Against All Odds”.
And make no mistake about it, it’s a cracker of an album. But that album came out in 2009 and I’ve had my grubby hands on it then, so it’s hardly breaking news suitable for a post in 2010.

No, the whole reason behind this love letter to aKING is far more prosaic: it’s simply that, after a few months off, I came back to listening to aKING… and for two weeks now, they are all I’ve listened to. Seriously. I don’t listen to radio, so I haven’t heard anything coming over radiowaves. I listen to music at work, and at home through Spotify. And, for two weeks now, I haven’t moved off aKING’s page. It’s ridiculous.

So, I thought that an obsession like that simply deserved a post… even if there’s no real point to it, other than to say: Man, I never get tired of these dudes!

So, in case you missed their previous post, go check it out. And then come back here, and watch/listen to these tunes. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

aKING’s first single, “The Dance”. If anything, this song as a first single hurt them more than anything else. Its mainstream sound turned off some listeners. Their loss. From “Dutch Courage”.

aKING, “I Believe”. Off first release, “Dutch Courage”.

aKING, “Safe As Houses”. Off first release, “Dutch Courage”.

aKING, “You and I”. From new release (arguably their best), “Against All Odds”. Questionable video though.

You can listen to aKING’s two full releases, “Dutch Courage” and “Against All Odds” on Myspace Music. Do it now.

What do you think? Is this an unhealthy obsession? Sound off in the comments.

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I love each and every cut on both albums, so you can say that I also have an obsession. Anxiously waiting for their next album!!!

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