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Coldplay – Christmas Lights [VIDEO] (and a bonus 2000 miles)

In my mind, it’s now official: Coldplay have already won the 2010 Christmas Single battle, with – really – just their opening shot across the bow.

Thanks everyone else, but you might as well pack up your things and go home now; because this IS Christmas for 2010.

Coldplay – Christmas Lights

When that first chorus kicks in, I simply can’t help but smile; Chris Martin was born to pen Christmas tunes.

You can download “Christmas Lights” by Coldplay on iTunes now… just click here.

A few years ago (back in 2007 in fact) I posted Coldplay’s Christmas cover of The Pretenders’ “2000 miles”… which was probably one of the most downloaded files on this site of that year. So, as it’s Christmas and all, here’s my (re)gift to you… 2000 miles. Put it on your Christmas playlist, along with Christmas lights.

Listen: Coldplay – 2000 Miles (Pretenders Cover)

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